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BackForwardList – Add Back & Forward Button History In Safari For iOS

If you are an iOS user, then chances are that by now you have been converted into a Safari lover despite all its imperfections and occasional inconveniences. But one of the perks of having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is the constant stream of improvements you get in all areas of iOS. The main source of such unofficial tweaks and improvements is, of course, the Cydia store. The latest in a long line of Safari tweaks (like the gesture-adding tweak Sleipnizer and Home Button for Safari) is BackForwardList, which brings a functionality fairly common in other web browsers (both desktop and iOS). Don’t you just hate it when you want to revisit a page you just closed and there is no way you could have remembered the exact URL. You can, of course, access the history menu in Safari, but no one wants to go to a separate menu, buried deep in the browser’s settings, just to find one link. Other browsers solve this problem by adding history to the back and forward buttons (usually accessible via long-pressing each). There is no such option in Safari by default, but that is exactly what this Cydia tweak is here for.


The name pretty much gives the whole thing away. There are already back and forward buttons in Safari, but all they do is move you one step at a time. If you want to move back three or four pages, you will have to keep tapping the back button until you finally manage to reach your desired destination. To avoid this annoying nuisance, BackForwardList endows your browser’s Back and Forward buttons with a complete list/ history of the pages you have visited (within that tab). Just like the History area in the Safari app, the pages stored in the back and forward button lists will show you each visited page’s title, along with its URL, and the bookmark sign. You can add any of them to your favorites, hitting the book icon next to the link.

So how do you use the tweak? Simple. Just like you would use this feature in Chrome or Firefox. Just press and hold the Back (or Forward) button and you will be taken to a new page listing all the  web pages you have navigated to.

This free Cydia tweak is present in the Big Boss repo and works without being visible among the apps on your device or in the Settings menu.

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