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Backup, Restore And Flash Samsung Galaxy S Kernel With SGS Kernel Flasher

SGS Kernel Flasher is a small Android app that lets you flash a custom kernel to rooted Samsung Galaxy S series devices including Samsung i900, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Fascinate and Samsung Vibrant, without the use of bootloader, recovery or any command-line tools. It also lets you easily take backups of the current kernel and restore previously taken backups. A utility like this can come immensely handy for those of you who often find themselves flashing different kernels to their phones. Read on for details.

SGS Kernel Flasher for Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S Kernel Flasher

The kernel is the very core of any operating system and updating it to a better one often results in significant performance gains. Though one can never be sure how the update fares before trying it out and whether it’s worth sticking with it or is rolling back to the old one a better option. Backing up or recovering a kernel manually can be quite a complicated process involving several steps. That’s where SGS Kernel Flasher comes handy. In order to use it, your device has to be rooted first. You can root it by following our guide on rooting Samsung Galaxy S. It works for Vibrant, Fascinate and Captivate too, in addition to the international Galaxy S I9000. Note that there isn’t any mention of support for Galaxy S II, III, Note or Tab, so it may or may not work on those (or any devices other than the original Galaxy S series).

Lets take a look at the features it offers.

  • Backup Kernel: This allows you to take a backup of the currently installed kernel and saves it to /sdcard/sgs/kernel/flasher/backup/ with the time and date of the backup.
  • Choose Kernel: This option lets you choose any kernel image that you want to flash to your device. This can be a new or updated kernel that you want to use, or one of the previously taken backups in case you want to revert back to it after using another one.
  • Flash kernel: This flashes the selected kernel image to your phone.
  • Reboot: Once the flashing procedure is done, this option allows you to reboot your phone to load the kernel that you just flashed.

It is a pretty straight forward app that anyone can use. Again, it is made for only Samsung Galaxy S series devices and will not work with any other phones. You can install it from the Google Play Store using the link given below.

Disclaimer: Please flash a custom kernel to your device at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Download SGS Kernel Flasher

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