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Backup SD Card In Nook Color Running Froyo Or Honeycomb

nook colorPlenty of Nook Color owners who have Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on their devices wish to backup entirely whatever the SD card contains using a no-frills method. The guide that will follow is built for Windows and Linux and it allows users to make an image of their entire SD card that they can use later to restore the device. Read on for details.

The guide will be divided into 2 sections, one for Windows and the other for Linux.


  1. You need to have a disk imaging software installed on your computer. We will be using Win32 Disk Imager (Download).
  2. After you have downloaded the application, extract it to any location on the PC and run it.
  3. After running the program, choose the name and location where you want the image to be saved.
  4. That done, select the drive letter your SD card is associated with. For example, ‘E:’ or ‘G:’ etc.
  5. Now select the Read option. Do not select Write.
  6. After selecting Read, wait patiently as the data on the card is processed into an image file.

There you go all done!


  1. To begin, run the terminal on your computer.
  2. Now we need to find the location of your SD card. This is not the same as the mount point / driver letter. To do this, navigate to System > Administration > Disk Utility and select your device. Look at the top-right corner where the location will be displayed. Your device will be the one without an numbers as those are for drives with partitions.
  3. Now once you know where your SD card is located, head over to the terminal and enter the following commands:
    cd [The Location You want to save the Image]
      sudo dd if=/dev/[Your Card Reader's Location] of=./[Your Desired Name].img

    Anything in the brackets is user specific. For example, replace [Your Card Reader’s Location] with sdc so it shows up like this: /dev/sdc.

It may seem like nothing is happening for a while, but give it time, and eventually a message will show up and you’ll have backed up your SD card.



  1. This is the best description I have found.  What if I want to restore the image on a larger SD card for more usable space?  I am not using it in a Nook.  See image of SD card properties

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