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Baconit: A Comprehensive Reddit Reader For Windows Phone 7

Reddit can be termed as a smaller version of the entire web. There is no topic, technical or otherwise, regarding which you can’t find at least some content on Reddit. With a huge number of people following the service, it is a bit surprising to see that there is no official Reddit client for Windows Phone 7. However, Baconit is a Reddit reader which might, in no time, become your number one stop for using Reddit. The app covers every aspect of Reddit usage, and you will hardly feel the need to go to the web version of the service once Baconit kicks in.

Baconit WP7 Baconit Reddits

If you already are a Redditer, and have an account on the service, you can use that to log in to the app, but even as a guest user, Baconit allows you to do a lot of stuff. The homepage of the app shows all the Reddit categories, under which you can find the reddits related to a particular genre. If you just want to find out what the collective thinking of Redditers all over the world is these days, you can view the reddits in the All category. The reddits can be sorted based on Hot topics, as well as the Top, most voted ones. Not only that, who doesn’t like a bit of Controversy, and that’s why you can sort entries in each category based on which one is the most controversial.

Baconit Comments Baconit Article

The app also allows its users to vote for any Reddit, employing an interface which is pretty similar to the web version of Reddit, but even then the app guides you through its usage with a graphical tutorial. To view the comments and ongoing discussions related to a given Reddit, you can tap the gray text beneath its main heading, while tapping the heading will route you to the actual post. For every share, you can either view it within the app, or go to the Internet Explorer link for it. Being a WP7 app, Baconit supports pinning of any post as a live tile, and if you want you can share any Reddit post over your social network or via email as well. The live tile support for the app on the whole is pretty good, with unread notifications and your Karma status getting displayed on the Start screen.

Baconit is a free app, and in addition to going through Reddits, the app can also be used to manage your account. Head to the Marketplace link below and grab this handy app.

Download Baconit for Windows Phone


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