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baconreader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android

Announced in mid of March, baconreader reddit app for Android has begun to roll out, starting with yesterday’s Alpha release. We’ve received a copy of the Alpha version and in what follows, will be walking you through each of the app’s features. Feature rich, simple to use and with a sleek UI that may make you want to access reddit from your Android device much more than from the web, baconreader is an app to look forward to, especially for avid redditors. Join us after the jump for more.

The current version of the app is missing a few features and we found some bugs here and there. Subreddit searching and the inbox feature, for instance, aren’t completely functional at the moment and the option to view profiles is missing. The developer has hinted at the inclusion of the latter feature in addition to a dark theme in future updates.


The interface, as mentioned earlier, is fast and simple yet easy on the eyes.

From the homesceren users can quickly shift between the front page, subreddits, hot topics, saved reddits and more using the subreddit and what’s hot drop-down menus. The selected subreddit replaces the previous title in the header. Posts can be submitted and inbox messages viewed and replied to via the shortcuts in the header or through the app menu. Hit the Menu button on your device to access said menu.

From the app menu, you may also search for and add more subreddits (Custom and Popular) to the subreddit drop-down menu.


Swiping across a post on the homescreen or a comment in a thread reveals shortcuts to upvoting, downvoting and other corresponding actions. Posts can be previewed from within the app or viewed in a browser, saved, hidden and shared to web and social media.

Scrolling down a thread till the post preview scrolls out of sight causes a “quick navigation” bar appear on the top of the screen that houses the title of the post along with shortcuts to all available actions.


In addition to link and text submission, the client lets you upload pictures taken directly from within the app itself as well as those stored on the SD card.

baconreader comes packed with a sleek homescreen widget that during our testing, seemed to cycle between popular reddits after regular intervals. Hopefully, the widget in the final build of the app will include a shortcut to the app’s homescreen and not just the currently displayed post.

It would also be nice to be able to customize it to only show popular submissions from a user-defined category/subreddit.


The Settings & Configuration menu allows you to disable loading of thumbnails alongside posts on the main screen, toggle and customize notifications and filter posts by domain or keyword. Posts linked to the domains or including the keywords added to the two respective blacklists will be hidden.


You can view the video demonstration below.

The app is not available on the Android Market as of this writing. You can sign up for the alpha version on the app’s web page (link given below).

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