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Ban.jo For iPhone: Integrate Your Social Network According To Location

Ever since Facebook became a hit, social networking has been a favorite field of development for iOS developers. There are so many apps available in iTunes App Store which deal exclusively with this phenomenon that at times, users being to feel overwhelmed, and all these apps start feeling redundant. However, every once in a while, there comes an app that stands out from among the crowd and adds a new dimension to the whole social media scenario. Ban.jo might turn out to be one such app. It’s all about connecting with people around you in real life with the help of people around you in the virtual world, i.e. your social network.

Ban.joBan.jo Location Menu

You don’t need a separate account for Ban.jo to start exploring its new and somewhat-unfamiliar world. You can link up any of your existing social IDs (Twitter or Facebook), and you will be good to go. By default, the app starts with the display of people near your current location who are using Ban.jo, or have chosen to share their location publicly on any of the added networks.

Ban.jo Area FeedBan.jo Map

Ban.jo will allow you to connect with people who are in your area but not added to your social networks. There is also a separate feed for any particular area you want. The app could have a number of uses; for instance, you may use it to find useful places tagged by past users in any given area, or Ban.jo will let you interact with people from any area in the world by setting a location as your favorite in the settings menu. Since Ban.jo utilizes location data, it naturally uses your device’s GPS to do so.

Even if you don’t find Ban.jo to be what you were looking for, you won’t lose a dime as it is a free app. Although the app has the potential to be used negatively by a few users, as they can find out if you near them or not, but that’s where you have to use the app’s privacy settings and things shouldn’t become difficult. Ban.jo is available for iPhone at the App Store link below.

Download Ban.jo

Update: Ban.jo now focuses more on photo sharing rather than just being a location-based social network integrator. There are now more photos on the app’s map screen, and in addition to that users can even share photos easily right from within the app. The main concept, however, remains the same.


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