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Preference-Aware Music Events Tracking App Bandsintown Concerts Comes To Android

Bandsintown is a popular Facebook app that keeps the music enthusiasts apprised of the upcoming live concerts and performances of their favorite music bands/artists. An iOS variant of the app has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, while the Android version has just hit the Play Store. Using Bandsintown Concerts for Android, you can start tracking concerts and performances of your favorite music celebrities who are scheduled to perform in virtually any part of the world. Not just that – the app also scans your music library to fetch all the music artists that you listen to regularly, and lets you track their concerts with utmost ease. For each artist that you wish to track, the app fetches a list of their upcoming live shows, displaying the date, time, venue and location of each concert.

That aside, you can also listen to the tracks of your favorite artists on Spotify (requires the Spotify Android app to be installed), and associate your Bandsintown account with Last.fm and Pandora to get timely suggestions for upcoming shows. It also informs your friends and other event attendees about your plans on attending the show, and allows you to send RSVPs to your friends and track all the other attendees who are expected to show up for the concert.

Bandsintown is not the only Android app of its kind that lets you follow and track the concerts of your favorite music artists. Previously reviewed GigBeat also sported somewhat the same concept, but as far as boasting the number of features is concerned, Bandsintown Concerts simply outweighs most of the competition.

Once you authorize the app to access your Facebook account, it determines your current location via GPS to list all the upcoming musical concerts within your present region. However, you can also set a custom location of interest from where you want the app to fetch all the upcoming/scheduled gigs.


The app’s main interface is split into various tabs, namely Concerts, Tonight, Artists, RSVPs and Settings. Concerts is from where you can specify your search criteria for upcoming shows. To help you scan the concert list conveniently, the app presents a slider at the top that can be adjusted to base your search around the concerts for only the tracked artists, or you may opt to involve the recommended searches in the search mechanism as well. As you keep maneuvering the slider, the app displays the relevant search results via various artist clouds, where each individual cloud represents a separate artist/band.

Tapping an artist cloud displays a pop-up that presents you with a couple of options for your decision regarding attending the concert. You may either opt to select the Attending option if you intend to make it to the concert night, or you can select the Maybe option in case you’re are still in a fix about it. To check the event details, press anywhere in the middle of the pop-up window. The screen that follows lists the date, time, number of attendees, venue and map location of the concert.


Hit the Tonight tab, and you’re greeted with a couple of sub-tabs; Recommended is where you can find interesting concert recommendations based around your listening habits on Last.fm, Pandora and other music streaming services, while the All Local Shows tab lists all the upcoming musical concerts from your selected region.

The Artists tab is from where you may start following an artist that has been scanned by the app from within your local music collection, or you can manually search for an artist in order to start following them. Apart from that, you can listen to the selected artist on Spotify. From the same screen, you may also view the list of all the upcoming gigs that involve that particular artist/band.


Once you’ve added a concert to your wishlist, you can start sending RSVPs to your friends by hitting the relevant tab on the app’s main interface. Tapping the Share button displayed along side the band’s name lets you post your RSVP invitation to your Facebook Wall.

The Settings tab is from where you may change your current/set location, re-scan the music library for updated tracks, link your Last.fm/Pandora accounts with the app, specify the app’s various sharing settings, and log out.

Download Bandsintown Concerts for Android

Download Bandsintown Concerts for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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