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Batch For iPhone: Easily Share Photos In Bulk To Facebook & Twitter

At the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple proudly highlighted the fact that iPhone’s camera is one of the most used cameras in the world and the origin of most photos on services like Flickr. If so many people are using their iPhone or iPad to share photos over the web, then iOS must focus specifically on photo sharing. Although there have been enhancements in this area with the release of iOS 5, there is still room for further improvement. And that’s where third-party photo-sharing apps like Batch come in. Using this free iPhone app, you can share photos in tandem over your social network or simply save them to the cloud to be accessed at a later time. Batch can be thought of as a service that you can use for backing up your photo library with complete ease.

Batch iOSBatch iOS Selection

Like most of the apps coming out these days, Batch also provides a brief walkthrough the first time it is launched. During this tutorial, you get to create your first batch. Creating a batch is easy. You have the option to choose from photos that are already in your iDevice, or you can start shooting pics from within the app and add them to the batch. While choosing from an album in your phone, just keep tapping to add photos to your batch and hit Next when you are done. One of the biggest issues that might disappoint some users at first is the fact that you need to provide the Batch app with your Facebook credentials if you want to login to an account. There is no way of using your email ID for account creation, so if you have no issues regarding giving your Facebook information to a third-party service, Batch is the perfect app for you.

Batch iOS SharingBatch iOS Options

When you have finished creating a batch, the app asks you what you want to do with it. You can save the newly created album only to the app – this way, no one except your friends using the app will be able to see it – or you can share the batch with your Facebook and Twitter contacts. If you are worried that you will accidentally publish a bunch of private photos to Facebook while using Batch, there isn’t much reason to worry. Batch has clearly defined options for sharing albums of your choice with desired networks. One of the best features of the app is the way users are allowed to smoothly select new photos with a single touch.

The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

Download Batch for iOS

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