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Battery Manager Pro: Improve iPhone Battery Life & Track Battery Usage

Battery Manager Pro is one of the more popular battery apps for iOS, and has quite a lot of users. The app claims to be the ultimate battery-related app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and we have to admit, it does cover just about every aspect of battery usage you could hope to handle. The app is not new in the App Store by any means, but the big news about it, is that it recently went free for a limited time. Read on to find out what makes Battery Manager Pro such a useful app.

battery Manager Pro iPhone Battery Health

The app is designed to track your battery usage, and using it, you can find out the estimated time before a recharge will be needed. The Battery section of the app comes with a complete list of functions, which can be performed on an iDevice, like playing songs, shooting videos, etc, and you can learn the battery consumption of each function by simply telling the app for how long you intend to perform the particular task. For example, if you are going to play a 3D game on your iPad, just go to the respective menu in Battery section, and from there, tell the app the number of hours and minutes you intend to play the game for. Based on that information, all other battery timings are also adjusted automatically, and you can see the remaining battery timing after you finish playing the game.

In Health, you can put your battery through a Full Charge Cycle, which will improve the battery life of your device. Battery Manager Pro features a lot of handy, battery-related tips as well, and you can read all of them by going to the Tips section. In the Settings menu, you get the option to get your phone into dock mode, and a few, beautiful dock backgrounds are provided as well. You can use Battery Manager Pro to give out alerts every time your battery gets fully charged, or there is even the option to set an alarm for a particular level of charging. The app has 6 different alert sounds, and the alert sounds will keep repeating until you start charging your iPhone. Battery Manager Pro also shows if your battery has lost some of its capacity, or if it is working completely fine.

A pretty useful app overall, and since it is free for a limited period, waste no time in heading to the download link below and grabbing this wonderfully useful app.

Download Battery Manager Pro

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