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Become A DJ On Your Own Dance Floor With Turntable.fm For Android & iPhone

Turntable.fm, a recent musical start-up that already was very popular around the globe, released their iPhone app yesterday (Update: Now available for Android as well). Their previous desktop version allowed you to enjoy listening to your own favorite songs as well as the ones liked by other users. A huge amount of traffic was attracted towards the app because of its integration with Facebook i.e. before now, one could only start using the app once they had received an invitation on Facebook but now you can simply log using your Facebook account. This is an ingenius addition but it has resulted in a problem that we will discuss in detail later. You can install this app for free from the App Store and log in using your Facebook account as I told you before. A long list of rooms created by users from every corner of the world will be available on the home screen stating the number of listeners and DJs inside each room. To connect to and enter a room, you simply have to tap on its name.

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Once you enter a room, a huge crowd will be there along with the DJs standing behind their counter. Every DJ has his/her scored points which can be seen by tapping on his/her head. You can also become a fan or vote for a DJ, if you have spun on the tune he/she played. The songs that are played in the room can also be voted as either ‘Lame’ or ‘Awesome’ which would help the server rate the songs and skip the ones that get rated as ‘Lame’ by many. You can also chat with other listeners in the chat room which can be reached by tapping on the conversation icon on the right of Turtable.fm logo. Apart from that, there is a share to Twitter or Facebook option available on the far right of the upper bar.

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If you don’t like the songs played in the rooms created by others, Turntable.fm gives you an option to become a DJ yourself on your own dance floor. To create a room, you have to tap on the plus (+) icon while browsing through the list of rooms. The room you create can have upto 5 DJs maximum. You may choose to list the room on the server or keep it private. Once you have created a room, just tap on the ‘Play Music’ sign above the DJ counter. This will start playing songs.

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Being their first effort in the iOS app store, Turntable.fm has done a good job, specially with the interface. But the popularity of the brand has attracted too many users which has slowed down the process of creating and joining a room as well as playing the songs. The cartoonish avatars are also too small in size which makes it hard to tap on their heads if you want to become a fan or vote for them. Overall, the app is worth a try specially if you missed a party for the night because you can create your own dance floor and listen to music with your friends.

Download Turntable.fm for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Update: The app is now available on Android as well. The following link will take you to its Google Play Store page.

Download Turntable.fm for Android

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