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Beem For WP7: Stream Dance, Trance & Techno Music From DI.FM Radio

A lot of people might disagree, but in my humble opinion Windows Phone 7 has got the best stock music player when it comes to smartphone platforms. However, Android and iOS have the advantage of having a host of third-party apps to replace the stock player, whereas the apps for Mango aren’t as good. Fortunately, WP7’s lack of good apps is being rectified gradually, and the Marketplace has become home to a number of well-developed apps. Beem is one such app that is not a music player, but rather a client for a radio broadcaster, DI.FM. Having said that, the app will let you listen to your favorite music, specially if you are a fan of trance or fast-paced music genres. The interface of the app is really good, and streams songs at a pretty efficient rate.

Beem Radio Stations Beem Radio EDM

There are many radio clients available in the Marketplace, but not many (if any at all) are dedicated to specific musical genres. The genres around which Beem is based are perfect when you are in a partying mode or are at a dance club. You can also use the app if you can’t think of any good lively songs to listen to at the moment, as there’s bound to be something good on DI.FM. The app lists all the stations which are currently broadcasting (wait for the list to load up completely). You can start listening to the music being played on the channel by tapping the play button on its icon.

Beem supports background and lockscreen play, as it comes with plays the music in the top volume bar just the the stock Music & Videos app does. It is possible to pin any station to your Start screen, and a similar option exists for adding channels to your favorites. There are just two main menus in Beem, one listing all the channels which are currently live, and the other displaying the channels you add as favorites. If you want your friends to know what you are listening to on Beem, the app supports scrobbling to Twitter or Facebook. The control options for the Beem player are at the top of the screen. You can view the Track History of any given station in the music player.

Beem can prove to be a fun app to have in your phone’s app list, and on top of that, it is also free. So, go to the following web Marketplace link and grab Beem.

Download Beem

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