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BeFunky: Apply Effects/ Frames, Edit & Share Photos On iPhone

BeFunky is a photo editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is based on letting users edit their photos with complete ease. Admittedly, there are many iOS which have a lot to offer in terms of photo editing, but each of them has something unique, making it popular among users. Similarly, BeFunky has a few distinctive photo effects, frames and editing options. The app isn’t a mere photo editor; it even has a cloud service where users can store their photos for free, and also view public shares by fellow BeFunky users. The app certainly has a lot to offer, and you can find everything about it by reading on.

BeFunky Home BeFunky Gallery

Like Instagram, you can view the BeFunky gallery even as a guest user, but if you want to upload your own images to the services, you will need to create a new, app-specific account. Before you can do anything with the app, you have to select the settings on which you want to run BeFunky. This includes choosing a language and then the resolution of images which will be output after editing. Once that has been done, you are taken to the homepage of BeFunky, where there are options to load a photo from the Camera Roll, or shooting one straight from the app’s camera. To view the app’s gallery, tap the grid icon in the bottom bar.

BeFunky Effects BeFunky Frames BeFunky Share

After you have loaded the photo to the app’s editor, there are three things which you can do to it to make changes to the image. In the Edit menu, there are options for cropping, rotating and adjusting other image attributes like brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. After that has been done, there is the menu for selecting Effects to be applied on the loaded image. There are many effects, and some of them are pretty unique, rendering you hard pressed to find them in any other app (do give Vibrant a try). You can choose the intensity of the effect after you have applied it, so that the edited version looks just as you want it to be. The same holds true for Frames, which can be adjusted in size by dragging the presented slider.

The Save menu will let you share your photos over Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the app’s own gallery. If you want, you can choose to just save the photo to camera roll by hitting the appropriate button. BeFunky is a free app, although there is a pro ($1.99) version as well, which brings more frames and effects to the mix.

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