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BeMe: Android IM With Audio Emoticon, Video, Photo & File Sharing

Fresh to the Google Play Store, BeMe is an innovative and fun-filled instant messaging Android app with plenty of exciting features. Using BeMe, you can start chatting with other app users from any part of the world, and share texts, photos, videos, audio clips, conventional emoticons, location, contacts, files, or various audio-based emoticons with them over the internet (Wi-Fi/3G/4G). Whether it’s a freshly grabbed photo, video, voice clip, or an existing one from your device’s local storage, the app lets you share all in an instant right from your Android. BeMe is a welcome addition to list of world-famous instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Viber and plenty of others that allow users to share messages and multimedia content with their mates in real-time over the internet. All you need to start indulging with your friends is a valid mobile number and a nickname that the app will use to create a unique BeMe identity for you. Once an account is created, you can start chatting with your friends, and share virtually anything from your Android on the go. The app maintains a detailed log of all your conversations with your friends, as well as the total amount of data shared with contacts via the BeMe chat interface.

The app sports a simple homescreen and chat interface. On the app’s homescreen, you have a total of three main tabs, namely Chats, Phonebook list and Settings.


Chats is from where you can stat a new conversation session with any of your BeMe contacts. Phonebook list lets you select a friend from your BeMe address book, get new friend recommendations, and invite new contacts from your device’s address book.

Settings takes you to the app’s main preferences screen from where you can manage your BeMe profile, modify the service and app settings, and monitor detailed Data Statistics pertaining to all content shared via BeMe.


From the app’s chat interface, you can start sharing text messages and other content with your contacts. The app maintains a log of all the messages shared between you and your mates, and displays each shared message via a separate bubble. Tapping the Press To Talk button at the bottom lets you instantly record and send a voice message whereas tapping the down arrow button alongside the text box lets you decide whether you wish to send voice-enabled emoticons, multimedia files, contacts, current location or any other file from your device’s local storage.


Since BeMe is relatively new to the market, so it would take some time for the app to build a rather substantial user-base. Till then, you might have to make do with referring the app to as many of your own friends as possible to enjoy all the various IM features that BeMe has on offer.

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