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BeWeather – Android Weather App With HD Videos & Super Clock Widgets

One of the most fascinating aspects of weather apps for smartphones is their elegance and mode of presenting weather forecast through a unique and/or beautifully designed UI. Some apps sport rich graphical looks while others try to pack every tiny bit of meteorological information to keep you fully updated of the weather around you. Developed by XDA-Developers member Bellshare, BeWeather is yet another remarkable effort in said genre. Apart from supporting/displaying most common weather features, BeWeather brings high definition videos to display weather info, downloadable icon sets, home screen widgets, radar maps, sunrise/sunset time, moon phase and weather advisory notifications (US only). Detailed review of the app coming your way just after the break.


Although a recently reviewed weather app, Gismeteo supported a somewhat similar set of features as that of BeWeather but the latter surely has the edge with its visually apt interface, a whole suite of home screen widgets and more. The app fetches detailed weather forecast from WeatherUnderground and displays updated local and international weather conditions using attractive high definition videos. You can check out hourly forecast or a detailed 7-day forecast along with all the pertaining weather details such as wind, humidity, dew point, wind pressure and rain possibility etc.

With BeWeather you can manually search for locations, add custom maps, web cams, media and find out weather information of nearby locations on map. Dynamic radar maps display worldwide weather forecast and climatic conditions through satellite view. Also, the app allows efficient management of added locations. The Manage Locations feature lets you toggle advisory notifications for a selected location. You may also delete a location from within this menu.

BeWeather supports multiple widgets, each with a different size. Select a widget of your choice and set it up to display weather conditions accordingly. Widgets can display current weather conditions (with/without) clock or 5-day weather forecast.

Apart from all aforementioned goodies, the app brings ample customization options to the users and lets them modify its looks, notification settings and default weather parameters. Users also have the choice to set custom background images or stick with the eye-candy high definition videos portraying current weather conditions.

Since the app is currently in beta, it expires only after three days of installation. But it also means that at least you have the chance of experiencing BeWeather on your Android for that much time. You may head over to XDA-Developers forums to download and check BeWeather.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. XDA-developers.  Great group.  I am still using an ATT8925, updated with WM6.5 I found on XDA.  I have an ARIA but it still has factory android with CARRIER IQ.  So, I have not deployed it yet.  I just wifi around the net using google aps like the translator while online.  I think ATT is going to just ignore the outrage over having that rootkit spyware on their phones.  Probably the next day or so I will root it and flash cyanogenMOD version of gingerbread onto it.

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