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BigNote: View All Your Evernote Notes On A Single Virtual Noticeboard [Android]

When it comes to selecting a convenient and feature-packed note-taking app, the popular cross-platform note taking, editing and sharing tool, Evernote, is undoubtedly the number one choice for many users. While the official Android client of Evernote is quite good at helping you with preparing text and multimedia notes, it is restricted to displaying the contents of just one note at a time on your screen (even in the tablet version). What if you wanted to take a look at all your notes from a specific notebook on the same screen? This is where BigNote for Android comes in handy. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BigNote presents all your Evernote notes from within a selected notebook on a single noticeboard of sorts (referred to as Notes board) that you can zoom in and out of – particularly useful on an Android tablet. That’s not all; you can also rearrange your notes on the noticeboard through simple drag-and-drop. The app also supports exporting the entire Notes Board as an image (JPEG) file so that you can share the notes with anyone on the go.


Needless to say, the app requires access to your Evernote account to fetch all your Evernote notebooks. For this, tap the Settings button on the app’s homescreen, and feed in your Evernote credentials. The app’s main interface displays your Evernote notebooks at the right side, whereas the left side contains the app’s settings options.


Once logged in, you need to tap the Import data button at the right side of the app’s homescreen to import all your Evernote notebooks. Next, select the preferred notebook, and tap the Import Notes button to fetch all the notes included within that particular notebook. Once that is done, tap the Notes board button, and select whether you wish to get the notes’ titles and/or dates displayed on the noticeboard or not. Finally, hit the Display button to launch the Notes Board.


While on the Notes Board, you can use pinch-to-zoom gestures to zoom in/out on the noticeboard. Likewise, you can use the drag-and-drop gesture to rearrange the notes accordingly. Tapping the menu button lets you export the entire noticeboard as a JPG file to your device’s local storage, manually Refresh all content, or toggle the Date and Title options on/off.


The app’s settings screen allows you to adjust the width of each note on the Notes Board, and specify the preferred time format. Image files exported via BigNote can be found within the BigNote folder on your device’s SD card/storage. As of now, the app seems to be working fine with text-based notes only. So, it is recommended to avoid using the app in cases where your notes are too heavily packed with images or other multimedia content.

Download BigNote for Android

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