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BIGWORDS.com Hits Android Market, Textbook Comparison Made Easy

If ever there was a useful and option-friendly Android app for students, this is the one. BIGWORDS.com – the best free textbook, eBook and paper book comparison app that has been around in the iTunes App store for quite a while has now been launched for Android fans. With BIGWORDS.com, users can easily buy, sell, rent, list or donate their favorite textbook publications from leading online bookstores across the globe such as Amazon, Barnes and noble, textbooks.com, Bookrenter, Valore Books, Chegg and TextbookX. The app has the capacity to calculate promotions, coupons and shipping on all books that are available online and allows users to perform comprehensive search for the books according to their preferences and subject. Users can also search for books according to ISBN, Title or Author. The client claims it can help save users around $225 on average while ordering online.

Interface of the app is very simple and lets users search for their most sought-after book titles in multiple ways. Just feed in your preferred keywords or relevant ISBN and BIGWORDS.com searches the best collection of books from leading online book retailers. All the search results are added to your Bookbag for efficient management of found titles. Didn’t like a book? The app allows you to ignore a particular title or a particular seller and finds a more appropriate option for you. Also, the market price of a particular title along with the discount rate is displayed at the top of the results page so that users can make easy comparisons for the same title offered by different bookstores.

BIGWORDS.com provides users with fully customizable search options (pricing package, shipping speed, rental term, guaranteed buyback) so that they can filter the best possible and most affordable results as per their liking. Remember, BIGWORDS.com does not allow in-app ordering. Instead, the app leads you to the retailer’s website to make all your transactions.

Share search results of your favorite book titles and Bookbags with your online buddies via mail, Facebook or Twitter. Find ample information about the content included in a particular publication and check out special offers that are provided by various bookstores for that title.

All in all, the app is a handy solution for users who love their books and constantly keep adding/discarding publications to/from their private little book collection. Same can be said for students that require certain book titles for a specific time period for taking notes or preparing for examination.

Download BIGWORDS.com for Android

[via AndroidGuys]

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