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Bill Organizer Manages Your Bills & Gives Reminders About Them [WP7]

No one likes missing the due date of an important bill, but in today’s world, we are swamped with so many of them that it is getting harder to keep track of all your financial responsibilities. If you pay your credit card bill, you might forget the mortgage money, and if you also manage to remember that, there is always your child’s school fee or other similar dues. That’s where smartphones get the chance to flaunt their smartness. Bill Organizer is an app for Windows Phone 7 which will do all the remembering for you, and also ensures that you know all about the money you owe to different people or services. The app is a combination of financial manager and a reminder service. You can learn more about it by reading on.

Bill Organizer Windows Phone Bill Organizer WP7 Home

Upon first launch, you have to create a new account for Bill Organizer, although this isn’t much of an issue as you just have to enter a new username (even setting a password is optional). First of all, you are taken to the main page of the app, labeled Overview, where you can start adding your due bills straight away. To do that, tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar. Bill Organizer also has an online database, and when you sync your app account with it, you will be able to view your bills on the web as well. To sync with the web version of Bill Organizer, go to http://billorganizer.apphb.com and you will get a code for the app. Enter that code in the settings menu of your app, and you can start syncing.

Bill Organizer WP7 Entry Bill Organizer WP7 Settings

The bill data you enter in the app is pretty thorough, and ensures that you don’t miss any important piece of information regarding the bill. You are allowed to set a reminder for each bill as well, and Bill Organizer will also let you enter the name of the recipient and any other remarks. If you are privacy-conscious, go to the settings menu and toggle off the Auto sign in option, so that the app will require that you enter the password each time it is launched. Bill Organizer comes with live tile support, which means that you can see the amount of due bills with just a look at the Start screen of your Mango phone.

For a limited time, you can grab Bill Organizer for free, and it sure can prove to be a really helpful app if you have a busy schedule.

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