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Bing Translator Now Allows Offline Translation Via Text, Speech & Camera [WP7]

The quality of translation apps in the Window Phone 7 Marketplace is pretty good in general. In addition to a host of third-party apps from the genre, there is one developed by Microsoft itself. We are talking about the Bing Translator app, of course. This Mango app has been around for about as long as WP7 itself, but now Translator just became a whole lot better, to compete with apps like previously reviewed Babylon. Translator now has the ability to work offline for some languages, and lets you provide input in the form of text, through speech or by scanning an image of text using the camera using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Imagine the usefulness of that feature, as now you can take your WP7 along on trips as your personal translator without having to worry about internet connectivity. After the break – an overview of the app’s new and old features.

Translator Home Translator Offline Dictionary Translator Settings

If you are a new user of Translator, you will have to accept the app’s terms of service the first time it is launched, that’s all. No sign up is needed; you can start translating straight away. Translator allows you to add any of the available dictionaries to your personal repo. That is, you will be able to use the app for translations to that language without any data connection. The offline dictionaries are available for most major languages, but not for every language. Users can select the default language of all three modes supported by the app. In addition, it comes packed with a word of the day feature, which presents you with a new word along with its translation if you pin the app to your Start screen.

Translator Speak Translator Text Translator Camera

As mentioned above, Translator works in three modes. You can use the keyboard menu to simply type anything and get its translation in the language of your choice. If an alternative translation for the word or phrase exists, Translator presents the user with that as well. Using camera mode, you just have to point your device towards written text, and the app will automatically detect the words within it, providing you with the translated result. The third option is to translate via voice. In that menu, choose both the source and target languages, hit the speak button and Translator will speak the translation out loud for you. It is also possible to edit the input text manually if the app makes a mistake in understanding what you said.

Translator is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The link provided below will take you to its web Marketplace page.

Download Translator

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