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Bitdefender Power Tune-Up: Superb System Optimization Tool For Android

First Avira, then Trend Micro and now Bitdefender, seems like all the major computer/internet-related security solution providers have eventually realized the importance of covering the smartphone & tablet bases, too. In a short span of just a couple of days, all said companies have launched their own solutions in the Android Market with a view to providing Android users with reliable and effective system protection/optimization tools. While Avira came up with its remote device tracking and controlling tool, the recently reviewed Longevity by Trend Micro offered a reasonably sound battery optimization feature.

Fresh to the Android Market, Power Tune-Up by Bitdefender, however, features several very useful system and battery optimization options that would otherwise be found in, at least, a couple of different apps. Options supported by Power Tune-Up include, a system cleanup tool to help you get rid of all the junk from your Android’s system as well as SD card storage, a feature-packed RAM, CPU and battery optimizer, and an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style data monitoring tool to help you keep your mobile data usage under control. In addition, the app offers the all-important 1-tap system optimization option to enhance your Android’s performance in one go. It also boasts ample customization options so that you can get the most out of your beloved device, and last, but not the least, it lets you take a quick glance at the remaining battery time right from the homescreen via a nifty little power widget.

Finding a good system optimization tool for Android itself is quite an ask, however, with Bitdefender Power Tune-Up app, not only do you get all the core optimization options bundled in a single package, but also get a chance to avail one of the most user-friendly and best designed Android app to date.

Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Home Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Battery-Notifications

When launched, the app displays all the aforementioned tools on its homescreen/dashboard via relevant buttons. The top segment of this screen keeps you apprised of whether your device is optimized or not. If it is, the app displays a nice green check icon. However, if it is not, you’re informed of any appropriate actions that might be required to optimize the device. For this, tab the orange-colored check icon, and find out what the app requires you to do in order to get your device’s performance optimized

Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Battery Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-CPU Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-RAM

On the other hand, you could also manually tinker with various settings/features that the app has to offer. For instance, tapping the Battery Saver button on the app’s homescreen lets define your own custom battery-saving options, or resort to the app’s predefined settings that are tailor-made to save you precious battery life. The toggle at the top of this screen lets you easily switch between the app’s predefined and Custom battery saver modes. Provided you’re working under the Custom mode, you can enable/disable your device’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen timeout, haptic feedback, audible touch tones, and other resource-hungry features.

From within the Economy options menu on the same screen, you can customize the app’s battery-specific notification settings. There is an option to get notifications for extremely low battery levels, and the best of them all, enable the app’s Night time battery saver option to save yourself some crucial battery time in the quite night hours (12 AM – 6 AM).

That’s not all; switching to the CPU/RAM options on this screen lets you check the total CPU/RAM usage, as well as their respective usage by individual apps. There is also an option to shut down the memory-hogging apps with a simple tap from within the same interface.

Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Data-Cap Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Data-Monitor

As mentioned earlier, the system Clean-up option of the app lets you scan your device’s internal as well as SD card storage for any junk files. Once the scan is complete, the app notifies you of the total amount of space that can be freed up by cleaning the junk. All you need to do is tap the Clean all button, and voila! Your Android must be back to it’s full-fledge performance in no time at all.

Not finished yet; the Data Meter tool offered by Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is as handy as they come. With this tool, you get an ICS-style customizable data usage monitoring graph for your 3G connection. The option, when enabled, lets you specify your data usage preferences by providing the quota (in MB/GB) for the required time period. Using the data cap and time period controls on the graph, you can also manually adjust all the settings as per requirement.

Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Cleanup Bitdefender-Power Tune-Up-Andriod-Widget

Overall, quite an impressive little product that is still in its beta. Our verdict? For all its key features, and the effectiveness with which it makes the entire process so fluent, Power Tune-Up is certainly worth a try.

Download Power Tune-Up for Android


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