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BlackBerry Bold 9800 Specs And Price

Blackberry bold 9800 specs

Although lately our main focus here at Addictivetips has been to cover iDevices and Android, but Blackberry 9800 Slider made us write about it today. The reason behind that is this blackberry smartphone will not be the same old boring corporate looking gadget. In fact this time the Blackberry OS 6.0 installed on this device is all gearing up to mount this handset to an all new level of classic taste and design, and seems to be all set to make it the device of choice for many smartphone users. Read on for more details.

These are the specs that we have unearthed so far for Blackberry bold 9800 Slider:

  • Qwerty Keyboard And Track Ball
  • Massive 512 MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • 4GB Integrated Storage
  • BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • Onscreen Qwerty And Simple Keyboard
  • Well Tweaked and Rephrased Media Player Advance
  • WebKit Brower Tweaked For More Speed And Efficiency
  • Speculated 5 MP Camera
  • Touch Screen

We would like to add here that this specs sheet is speculative at the moment, and has yet to be confirmed by BlackBerry officially. The price figures are some where between $ 149.00 to $ 180.00. In our opinion, this giant of a blackberry device will soon capture some interest within the Blackberry fans and corporate world.

It is also in rumor that this device will be a part of At & T family and the release date is somewhere is Q3 this year, so if you are planning to buy a smartphone soon and are determined to stick with (or switch to) BlackBerry, you might want to wait up on your purchase till this device is released.

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  • Dude

    Trackball? I think you mean trackpad…

  • magnum

    This will be a major hit in Asia, for blackberry is still popular here, more hot than iPhone. Seeing how the blackberry 6.0 platform for real is a pleasure already.

  • dark horse

    Wow i want dat thing if it comes to bahrain its going to be mininmum 200 bd, rather buying it in usa