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BlackBerry Storm 3 Specs And Price


Attention all BlackBerry fans (and especially fans of the Storm series): Blackberry Storm 3 was revealed on a slide during a training presentation by RIM to its employees and business associates.The BlackBerry Storm 3 is speculated to be succeeding BlackBerry Storm 2 in the Storm series of touch-screen BlackBerry devices with which RIM is aiming to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices.

While not exactly seeing huge sales by numbers amongst smartphone users in general, BlackBerry Storm 2 was rather well-received by BlackBerry fans, thanks to RIM’s excellent hardware build quality and the cult-like loyal following the platform enjoys. Therefore, there has been much anticipation and speculation about the next device in the series, and it seems we now have some details to look forward to.

Here are the specs of the handset, as made out from the photo above:

  1. BlackBerry OS 6
  2. 512 MB RAM
  3. 5 Mega Pixel Primary Camera
  4. Wi-Fi 802.11n
  5. Bluetooth
  6. 3G Mobile Hotspot Capability
  7. New WebKit Browser
  8. World Edition

As per Engadget, the estimated time of availability is rumored in Q4 this year. The handset is also rumored as a  “Holiday Surprise” from RIM. There is no word on the pricing yet but we can speculate this handset to be around $ 200 with a bi-annual contract on some carriers.

Update: Despite getting a lot of limelight in the world of rumours and speculation, that’s pretty much all the light this device had to see, and will not see the proverbial daylight now. BlackBerry has announced that the device will not be pursued further, and has thus cancelled its production and release across all carriers, while announcing that other devices with BlackBerry OS 6 will be released instead.

Picture Credit: Engadget

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