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Blind Shot: Take Photos Discreetly With Your Windows Phone 7 Camera

People have always complained about the camera in Windows Phone 7. For one thing, it lacked touch to focus. Also, it was annoying that you could never mute the shutter sound. Mango has brought touch to focus and now the camera follows your device’s volume settings too (at least it does on our Samsung Omnia 7). Blind Shot is one of the first apps to take advantage of this new capability. If you want to snap pictures without alerting half the neighborhood, this app is for you. Not only is the sound muted, and flash disabled when you take a photo using Blind Shot, there isn’t even a preview screen to go with the app, and that is why if someone takes a cursory look at your WP7’s screen from over your shoulder, you won’t be caught in your Paparazzi pursuits.

Blind ShotBlind Shot Settings

The best part of Blind Shot is its rather simplistic interface, and the screen shows nothing more than text. You can appear to be reading the text, while actually your attention is towards shooting the perfect covert shot. Fortunately, that does no imply that you have no way of seeing beforehand the exact scene that is being captured. There is a little windows at the bottom left corner of the screen, and it previews the shot. However, if you really want secrecy, you can black that out too by just tapping it once. So, if you are using the preview window, just see the little picture in the corner, adjust your phone accordingly and when the light turns green, press OK, The photos snapped with Blind Shot can be stored in Pictures hub > Camera Roll or internal storage (another Mango feature). The pictures you store inside the app can be password protected too.

So what’s the extra spice in Blind Shot? It can apply auto-focus to photos (that’s what the green light indicates), and there is also the red-eye removal option. You can control the flash of the camera too (which shouldn’t have a place in an app that is focused on letting users take photos secretly). But to be fair to Blind Shot, it can actually be used as your regular photo snapping app as the results are just the same as the stock camera. The app is free (ad-supported). If you are on Mango, give it a try by downloading it from the link below.

Download Blind Shot for Windows Phone

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