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Bloomberg TV+: Watch 24-Hour Live Bloomberg Broadcast On Your iPad

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t watch a video or live stream on your iPhone or iPad because iOS does not support flash? It is always a nice addition to the App Store when a new app is released which lets you watch live TV on your iPad. But there’s something even better in the App Store now: getting to watch the broadcast for free! If you like to keep up to date with the business world, aren’t much of a reader and would prefer not to disturb your wallet, then Bloomberg TV+ is just the app you need on your iPad. The app is a complete alternative to the Bloomberg TV channel, and is even better than it in some areas. Not only will you be able to watch the channel’s popular shows thanks to this iPad app, it is also good enough to give a lot of newsreader apps a run for their money.

Bloomberg  iPad

The first thing we noticed while testing the app was that it runs very smoothly. The streaming was consistent and the interface, very fluid.

Bloomberg  iPad SettingsWhat’s Bloomberg without the familiar ticker at the bottom of the screen? It is there in the app too, displaying all the latest stock exchange activity in the market of your choice. Not only that, you can tap the settings icon at the bottom right and tweak the ticker to display news or change stock price display settings.

Bloomberg  iPad View ScreenWhile watching a program, you can tap on any of the pieces of information floating onscreen and you will be able to see the details of a particular company’s shares without having to stop the video in the background. The same goes for searching Bloomberg TV+ for news while watching a show. The side bar will let you see the latest happenings in parallel with a video stream.

Bloomberg  iPad Menu

Go to the app’s menu and you should see the complete listings of shows which are currently available for viewing, or will be in the near future. Using Bloomberg TV+’s sharing options, you can publish content to Twitter and Facebook. Each live or recorded show supports full screen viewing too, and while watching it, you can also see the names of companies and people mentioned during that broadcast as tags.

Just in case you’re still wondering, the app is available absolutely free of cost on the iTunes App Store. You can download it at the link given below.

Download Bloomberg TV+

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