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Blow Up Your Enemies With Fragger The Grenadier [iOS & Android Game]

Who doesn’t love exploding their enemies? Especially when they are all tied up? No, we won’t advice such atrocity in real life but when you do it in videogames, it all becomes a lot more fun. Meet Fragger, a cute little grenadier who must destroy his foes using nothing but grenades. The game is developed by Miniclip.com for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, and is damn crazy fun. All you need is to blow up your enemies by throwing grenades with perfect precision and timing. The 2D graphics look beautiful, and the gameplay gives you endless hours of entertainment. Read on to find more after the jump.

Fragger Main menu Fragger Scores

Fragger Store Fragger Leel Available

The gameplay consists of blowing up a number of masked men (usually three), by a limited supply of grenades at your disposal. While they are sufficient enough to clear current level, the fewer you use the better score you get. There are crates, walls and other different barriers that keep your victims well protected and its up to the players how they approach them. Though, some of the levels contain only a single way to destroy the enemies. The HUD consists of Pause, Reset and Abort icons, where the latter is used to pop off your grenade before it actually blows up. Players can also see the total number of grenades left in the backpack.

The easy to use controls needs tapping the finger to select elevation as well as how much power to use while throwing. The more power you use, the farther the grenade falls and otherwise. The game contains a total of 340 different levels in 11 unique worlds, while only one is unlocked when you play it for the first time. Players can also instantly upload their score to the Miniclip ranking server to brag about their achievements.

Graphically, the game has neat presentation and satisfying design. There isn’t much to talk about physics as the enemies explode in a pretty much pre-rendered way, though they still look quite funny. You may also head to the virtual store to unlock all levels and purchase other extras by using game coins.

Fragger Gameplay1 Fragger Gameplay2

Fragger Gameplay3 Fragger Gameplay4

Overall, Fragger is a fantastic game for the iOS. While there was already a light version available for free, you can now grab the full game without paying a penny. Use the download link below to snatch up this hot offer by heading to iTunes App Store.

Download Fragger For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Download Fragger For Android

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