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Bob’s Weather: Simplistic Android Weather App With Catchy Animations

Weather apps are a dime a dozen in the Android Market, and there are quite a few that come packed with a comprehensive set of features including weather forecasts, weather maps, HD videos, catchy animations, meteorological details, severe weather alerts, and homescreen widgets. A fine example of one such app is 1Weather by OneLouder Apps. However, there are users who’d prefer simplicity over too much detail. If you’re among such users, then you must give a Bob’s Weather a try. Sporting a simple, uncluttered and customizable interface, Bob’s Weather ensures that you get core weather-relevant information from all across the globe accompanied with the common weather condition parameters and good-looking animations.


Unlike other heavily stacked weather apps, Bob’s Weather takes the simple route to present you with required information yet retaining provision for some high-quality animated graphics. You can choose a location of interest to view the exact time, date, phase of the day, current temperature, minimum/maximum weather projection, and the feel of the weather there, all accompanied by relevant animations.


The app’s homescreen comprises a compact widget that carries all the aforementioned information, and a custom background on which the weather animations are displayed. Tapping the right-hand side of the widget lets you toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Tapping the date segment of the widget reveals a 3-day weather forecast of the selected location, while tapping the name of the location itself displays a list of cities from around the world.


By default, the app determines your current location through GPS, and displays the relevant weather information on the homescreen. You can later switch to virtually any other city of the world from the aforementioned list.


While on  the app’s homescreen, you can tap Menu to Change Background, switch to Current Location, Update Weather details, use Default Wallpaper as the app’s background, or Exit the app. Barring the few force close instances, the app works just about fine with all its features.

Update: Bob’s Weather for Android is no longer a standalone app. It now comes as a home screen widget that provides weather information for a location of your choice. Tapping the temperature section of the widget switches between the weather units, while doing the same on the location section lets you pick a city/country of choice. Hitting the weather icon in the top-right corner of the widget takes you to the app’s main interface.

Download Bob’s Weather for Android

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