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BookTrack For iPhone & iPad Brings E-Books With Sound Effects & Music

There are people who say that a book can never be replaced by technology. While this is true to some extent, you simply cannot avert your eyes from how E-Books have started to take over from their older, paperback counterparts. If you own an iPad then you must have noticed how life-like the book reading experience becomes when you can even flip pages like a real book. Same is the case with iPhone, which even allows you to lie down and enjoy reading, like a good, old-fashioned book. But you can get even more out of your E-book experience. BookTrack is a service which aims to achieve just that by adding sound effects to selective E-books for iOS devices. The app just might be the most interactive book-reader to date.

Music and sound effects can really influence your understanding of a scene depicted in a book. A simple sentence becomes much more alive and enjoyable when accentuated by1 sound. BookTrack is a free app which offers you a collection of books (both free and paid). For now, the collection is quite limited, with only a few books on the shelf, but the concept is what’s worth noting here.

So what does BookTrack do exactly? It does not read the text written in the book, rather it follows the line which you are currently reading and plays music and sound effects according to the situation described in those lines. For example, an action-packed part of a novel will be accentuated by fast-paced music, whereas a paragraph where the scene is set on a calm, beautiful morning, you might hear the chirping of birds in the background.

BookTrack PausedWhat’s amazing here is the level of detail present for the available books. Sometimes even individual words have their own matching sound (for example a murder victim’s shout in the Sherlock Holmes book). The overall impact of all this is that it creates an atmosphere around you which lets you get completely immersed in the book.

You can share whichever part of the book you like via Facebook, adjust the sound effects volume, change the theme of the book page and add a bookmark to any page. The biggest negative is the extremely limited book collection (only 2 books available so far). Once the bookshelf fills out, the true potential of the concept is sure to be unleashed.

Download Sherlock Holmes (BookTrack)

Download Sherlock Holmes (BookTrack) HD

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