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Booster: Timer-Based Task Management & Optimization Android App

Adequate and timely optimization of a mobile or desktop operating system helps the device perform at the optimum level. Perhaps, a mobile device demands a tad more attention than desktops in this regard, because of the fact that these gadgets are meant to run all day long without any respite whatsoever, and when it comes to optimizing an Android device, things are no different. This is where all the different system optimization apps available in the Google Play Store come into play. If, however, you are looking for a simple, effective and well-crafted app in this regard, take a look at Booster – an efficient and neatly designed system optimization and task management app for Android. Apart from sporting sleek and stylish looks, Booster brings the option of performing Android optimization in a couple of different ways. You can either manually set a timer (usually, at the end of the day), or avail the app’s auto-optimization feature to perform the necessary system optimization on your Android to keep it alive and kicking. Not just that; the app also features some very useful tools that can help you monitor the health status of your device’s battery, kill unwanted apps, and toggle various app features from under the same roof.


As mentioned earlier, the aspect that distinguishes Booster from its alternative counterparts is its elegantly built slick interface, and the advanced timer option to perform the usual 1-tap Android optimization.

Booster-Android-Home1 Booster-Android-Timer

On the app’s main interface, you can monitor the total number of running tasks, as well as the total amount of memory sources that are being consumed by the various facets of your device. Beneath the circular dial are the toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Airplane Mode.

The bottom part of the app’s main interface displays the remaining battery life, as well as the total call, music, game and web browsing time that you can get at max with the battery remaining at hand. Tap the battery icon, and you’re taken to the system’s main Battery screen that displays detailed breakdown of the overall consumption of battery resources by individual system components.

Booster-Android-App-Killer Booster-Android-Battery

As the app will itself tell you via the startup screen, the tiny blue dot on the app’s homescreen’s main circular dial can be dragged down (on the left side) to set the timer for performing the optimization task manually. The maximum countdown time that can be assigned to the manual timer is 60 minutes. To set the timer to 60 minutes, you need to drag the blue dot all along the dial, to 360 degrees, till you reach the opposite end of the dial. Tapping the Tasks/Memory button displayed in the mid of the circular dial lets you manually select the running app(s) that you wish to kill.

Want to resort to the auto-optimization mode? Just hit the toggle in the top right of the app’s main screen to enable the automatic optimization mode. To modify the frequency of the automatic timer, head over to the app’s settings screen (Menu > Setting), enable the Start Auto Optimize option, and tap Auto Optimize Frequency. The auto-optimization feature can be used to automate the system optimization option after every 15 minutes, half an hour, 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours.

Booster-Android-Frequency Booster-Android-Notification

That’s not all; upon installing the app, you’ll also notice the app’s icon added to your device’s notification bar. Dragging the notification bar down reveals the current battery status, RAM utilization, and total number of running tasks within the notification panel.

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