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Box For Android Gets Facelift, All Users Now Get The 50GB Offer

It’s been quite a while since the famous cloud storage service, Box, announced a humongous 50GB of online storage space to iOS and Android users (for selected brands only). While the offer was exclusively available to Android users with an LG or Sony Ericsson device, users who owned devices from other manufacturers were also able to get their hands on the offer via several unofficial means, but you need not rely on any alternative methods anymore. With the latest update of its Android client, the service has decided to open said offer to all Android users; albeit for a limited time period only. Any Android user who registers for a new Box account within the next month (till March 23), gets a free 50GB cloud storage space that would remain valid for as long as your account remains active. Along with this announcement, Box also updated its Android client with a handful of goodies. For starters, app’s gets the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, App2SD and multi-lingual support. You can now also invite users whom you wish to share your Box folder with, and view as well as comment on files. In addition, the app now offers an enhanced uploading experience with option to upload files from the SD card in batch.


Although Box has been around for quite some time now, it has not been able to give the likes of Dropbox and other alternative cloud storage services a tough competition. However, things might just start to fall in favor of the service with the latest update of its Android client, and more importantly, the storage space that it has announced for all Android user. As per the service’s announcement, I managed to instantly get my share of 50GB of cloud storage upon registering for a new account.


Now to the app’s revamped interface. The noticeable change in the app’s UI is the action bar at the bottom that helps you with creating and uploading required content via three different buttons. Using these buttons, you can create a new folder as well as a new file (audio, video or image file), and upload anything to the cloud with just a couple of tabs. Any file with size up to 100MB can be uploaded at once. For selection of files from the SD card, the app presents you with a native file explorer with batch select support.


While exploring folder contents, you can tap the share button at the bottom to Invite a collaborator. In this regard, you can invite an existing Box user from your address book.

Tapping a file from within the app takes you to another screen, from where you can select a compatible app to open the file with. Using other buttons on this screen, you can also share, rename, comment on, download and delete that particular file. For easier navigation to other files within the directory, the screen contains left and right buttons at either side of the file thumbnail.

All in all, Box seems to be getting all things in place appropriately to lure more and more users towards using the service. Grab the app now from the Android Market for free, and enjoy the liberty of getting more cloud storage space for your data than what you might currently be getting from any of the other alternatives.

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