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BoxCryptor For Android: Access Encrypted Dropbox Data On The Go

Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service for that matter, presents a brilliant concept of storing your vital data on a remote drive and accessing it from anywhere. You own valid login credentials for your specific account that can be used to access, view and modify your Dropbox content. Authorized access to individual accounts means added security to your data that is lying on cloud storage. However, if you want to enhance the security of your Dropbox conten, then BoxCryptor could prove to be effective. BoxCryptor is a cross-platform cryptographic freeware that secures your cloud data synced from various cloud storage services (such as Dropbox) using AES-256 encryption through its desktop client. Just recently, said service has launched its Android client that can be used to access Dropbox data encrypted with BoxCryptor.

BoxCryptor helps secure your cloud data by storing your synced Dropbox data in an arbitrary drive of your choice. Like the desktop client, the Android client of BoxCryptor can only be accessed by authorized user(s) through a password.

Apart from supporting Microsoft Windows, BoxCryptor is also fully compatible with Linux and Mac OS X. Folders encrypted with BoxCryptor for Windows can be mounted with EncFS in Linux and Mac OS X. The app itself can be secured using a PIN.

Using BoxCryptor’s Android client, users can only access their encrypted data and not other (unencrypted) content. This means that only the synced data that is present in the specified BoxCryptor drive / folder can be accessed via the Android app. On the device, BoxCryptor uses a decryption mechanism to access content in real-time so that they can be viewed as normal (decrypted) files.

As the app is somewhat in infancy (its just an alpha release as of now), it is restricted to just allow read access to your encrypted files whereas future releases promise to bring write access as well. But overall, the concept of encrypting cloud data with apps like BoxCryptor is surely going to get lots of admiration from worldwide users as they would know that their data is shielded from prying eyes by password protection as well as encryption.

BoxCryptor is available in the Android Market free of cost. The link provided below will take you to the Android Market Google Play Store page of BoxCryptor for Android

Update: BoxCryptor now has support for Google Drive. If you’re a Windows or Mac user, here’s some good news for you. The app is now available for both said desktop operating systems, too.

Download BoxCryptor for Android


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