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Brightness Icons: Adjust iPhone/ iPad Brightness From The Home Screen

Sometimes the smallest of features can make life a lot simpler. If you are a bit of a lazybones or just like to perform tasks on your iOS device in the fewest possible taps, then you are sure to appreciate this little jailbreak tweak. Brightness Icons does the simplistic task of adding two icons to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Springboard which can be used to adjust screen brightness. The Cydia app is free and available for all jailbroken users. More after the break.

Brightness IconsThe icons added by this app do not open any thing or launch a new app on your iDevice. They are mere buttons for adjusting brightness. When you first install this tweak from the ModMyi repo, make sure you have Winterboard installed on your iPhone already. If you haven’t, the app will install it automatically, but that is going to require a reboot. After the installation and reboot process is complete, you will have your two new (rather pale looking) icons on the home screen.

Brightness Icons gives you two separate icons for turning the level of display brightness up and down respectively. If you feel so inclined, you can move the icons around to any place on the home screen you want. Tapping each icon blacks out the screen for a moment, but that’s just a part of the process. Keep in mind though that some users have complained about the tweak being ineffective. Also, the installation might prove to be a bit buggy, but all in all, it’s worth a try as it won’t be costing you a dime.

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