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Brightslide: Gesture-Activated Brightness & Flashlight Control [Cydia]

Gesture control has become the latest rage in the iOS development world, and a lot of Cydia tweaks, or even apps, have started taking full advantage of gestures. With the release of iOS 5, some stock gestures were added to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well, and the jailbreak developers were quick to make huge additions to that list. Some gesture-related tweaks have been around for a long time, like Activator, and the newer ones mostly rely on activator to bring new functionality for users. Brightslide is a similar tweak, which works on the basis of Activator gestures, and using it, you get a slider on the Springboard of any iDevice. The slider offered by Brightslide has a dual purpose; it can be used to control the display brightness, and there is a flashlight button available alongside it as well.

Brightslide iOS Cydia

Brightslide has been released today, and is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Before you install Brightslide, make sure that your iDevice has got Activator on it. After you have installed Brightslide to your iDevice, the tweak won’t add any new Springboard icons or new menus in the Settings app, and you will just see that a new options has been added to Activator settings. You can choose any gesture to bring up the Brightslide slider.

The first time after the installation of the tweak, you will see a message below the slider (when it is summoned). The message tells users that they need to double tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss the tweak. The flashlight button in Brightslide is to the right of the brightness slider, and will turn blue when the camera flash is turned on using it. The method that has been offered by this tweak for adjusting screen brightness quickly is certainly not the first or only one out there for iPhone and iPad devices. There is the slider button in the App Switcher tray, and you can also use SBSettings if you want to change the brightness level quickly. Having said that, Brightslide might just be the quickest method to access the flashlight, and it is free as well, so do give it a try by heading to the Cydia store if you have a jailbroken iPhone. The tweak has a really un-intrusive interface, and even if you summon the slider, not much of your screen will be obscured by it and you can carry on any task below it.

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