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browsAR: Scan QR Codes To View Facebook Profiles In Augmented Reality [Android & iOS]

The reason QR codes are so popular with mobile device users is that they eliminate the need to go through the hassle of typing in the information contained, be it URLs or plain text. Scanning a QR code simply displays the information on a separate screen within the scanner or, in the case of an encoded URL, launches the browser. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if you view the encoded information right over the QR code, without having to navigate to a separate page? Developed by Gravity Jack, browsAR for Android and iOS blends the concept of QR code scanning and augmented reality into what the dev team calls QAR (Quick Augmented Reality) codes. As of this writing, the app allows you to create and scan QAR codes for Facebook profiles. When you scan one of these QAR codes with the app, the associated Facebook profile information appears right within the scanner’s viewfinder, as if hovering in mid air.

QAR scanned picture browsAR

The app launches to its scanner, which when set on a QAR code, reveals the Facebook profile encoded within it, along with a profile picture, last status update and the option to add as friend. The last option requires you to connect the app to your Facebook account. The app will automatically ask you for your login info when you tap Add Friend, but you can also authorize the app to use you Facebook account from within its settings menu.

browsAR menu generate QAR

Swiping left across the screen reveals a sidebar. Scroll down the options on the sidebar and tap on the help option to go through the basics of the app. From within the same screen, you can learn how to generate a QAR code for your Facebook profile. From within the webpage that the help file tells you to go to (qar.cc), you can specify what information you want your QAR code to display (Profile Picture, First Name, Last Name, Status & Relationship Status), and even order a t-shirt with the QAR code printed on it.

browsAR’s new QAR concept could be the next standard for QR code scanners. We’re hoping Facebook profiles are just the beginning, and that we’ll be seeing augmented reality Android Market and iTunes App Store download pages next.

The app is available for free on both the Android & iOS app stores, with separate variants for iPhone and iPad. Links to its Android Market and iTunes App Store pages are provided below.

Download browsAR for Android

Download browsAR for iOS


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