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BuddyTV Brings Its Handy TV Guide & Remote Control App To Android

In a just a short span of a little over four years, BuddyTV’s web service has been able to earn the love of a sizable group of users. The infotainment-based online service is known for generating content pertaining to a wide array of TV programs, entertainment news and worldwide sports activities. To cater for the needs of smartphone and tablet users, BuddyTV also has a multi-platform mobile client called BuddyTV Guide. Currently available for iOS and Android-powered device, the app can be used to get a detailed list of scheduled TV programs, set reminders for your favorite shows, and explore its digital TV guide.

While the iOS client has been around for quite a while now, the Android variant has just appeared on the Market. Using the client, Android users can get timely TV show recommendations, filter the channels list according to their personal preferences, remotely control their TV from their device, tune in to their favorite shows with just a few simple taps,  make friends, and share the best findings with them.

The remote control feature of BuddyTV Guide works with Google TV, TiVo or a Samsung Connected TV. The app can be used to obtain real-time TV listings of several renowned cable and satellite TV providers including Cablevision, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and many more.

BuddyTV-Android-Login BuddyTV-Android-Zip-Code BuddyTV-Android-Provider

In order to access the app’s features, you must log in with a valid BuddyTV account. New users can register for a new account from within the app for free. In order to get useful TV program recommendations, and control your TV using BuddyTV Guide, you first need to specify a 5-digit zip-code of your area, and your preferred digital TV content provider.

BuddyTV-Android-Home BuddyTV-Android-Show

Once past that, the app takes you to its homescreen, listing the most popular, upcoming and your favorite TV shows under rseparate tabs. By tapping the title of a show, you can view its brief info, star rating, season/episode count, user comments and a list of all the providers that are offering the show. Not only can you add a program to your Watch List, but also tap the Tune In button to specify whether you wish to watch it on your device or TV.

BuddyTV-Android-Listing BuddyTV-Android-Search

Tapping the small arrow at the top-right of the app’s homescreen reveals a dropdown menu containing Search and Settings options. From the Settings screen, you can enable/disable playing videos in HD, share your BuddyTV activities on Facebook/Twitter, log out of the app, and/or toggle the remote control feature On/Off. To learn more about the various features of the app, you can always tap the Help button on the settings screen. Other buttons at the top can be used to enable remote control on your device, and view TV listing as per your content provider.

BuddyTV-Android-Settings BuddyTV-Android-Help

Considering the comprehensive set of features that the app has to offer, it is safe to say that you will find it hard to run out of content to watch on your TV with BuddyTV Guide in your palms.

Download BuddyTV Guide for Android

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