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Burn Some Rubber In Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race [iOS Game]

Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race, developed by TenPearl LLC, is a new 3D single-player racing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The game will let you drive on a number of different locations, and choose from among some of the hottest cars in the world (the Ferrari, for instance). You can also personalize your cars by changing colors and make. Is this game worth downloading? Lets find out after the jump.

Carumba Main Menu Carumba Car Select


The game opens to a simple homescreen, from wherein can do some practice by choosing the Trial Mode, start a single player Race or head to the settings to customize preferences, such as sound and control scheme. The Add-Ons section is for premium features like purchasing coin packs or remove ads by buying the full version from the iTunes App Store. The menus are slick and easy to navigate, and the overall design is pretty neat as well. Each time you finish a race, you will be rewarded with coins that you may use to unlock extra cars, race tracks, etc. The AI is pretty dumb; you will hardly notice its existence in the game.

There are three cars available in the game with only one unlocked at the beginning, and approximately five different tracks, each at a different location.

Carumba Tracks Carumba Locations

Carumba Gameplay1 Carumba Gameplay2


The basic in-game HUD contains a speedometer at the lower part of the display, your current position and the number of laps you may have completed. The control scheme is pretty basic; the car accelerates on its own, you can steer your car left and right using either the accelerometer (tilting the device) or a pair of on-screen buttons, and tap the screen to apply brakes. Hitting your opponents car creates a serious impact, that might even tilt your car, so you have to be pretty careful. In my opinion, the gameplay is quite conventional, and has a lot of room for improvement.

Carumba Wrongway Carumba Settings

Carumba Locked Cars Carumba Locked Tracks

Graphics and Audio

The less that is said about the graphics, the better. The visuals are not on par with todays standards and could have been improved, considering the graphical prowess of newer iOS devices. A low level of detail for car models and dull location maps won’t make anyone happy. The same can be said about the game’s audio. The monotonous background music may begin to annoy you after a while, so its better to use your own music collection as the game lets you choose to do so.


Overall, Carumba! The Ultimate Race Car is the sort of game suited for older iOS devices, or users who’d rather not download storage-heavy games like Asphalt 6: Adrenaline or Real Racing 2. If certain elements of the game are taken care off, like controls, visuals, car and location variety, it may attract a sizable fanbase. As it is right now, it’s fine for keeping yourself or, say, your nephew busy for a while, but that’s the case with a lot of other free games for the platform, and when you’re not paying any price, you shouldn’t have much to complain about.

You can download Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race for free from the iTunes App Store by hitting the link provided below.

Download Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race

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