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Burnt Android 2.3 Gingerbread HTC Sense Theme For EVO 4G

Ever since Google released Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the Android developer community has been busy porting several of its features like the keyboard and launcher to other devices. With the Burnt Gingerbread HTC Sense theme, you can get these and more for your HTC EVO 4G running Android 2.2 FroYo.

Burnt Gingerbread was released today by XDA-Developers forum member EVOlvedAndroid and brings several Gingerbread interface enhancements to your EVO 4G including:

  • Gingerbread lookalike HTC Sense Rosie with settings
  • Gingerbread launcher
  • Gingerbread keyboard
  • Gingerbread wallpapers
  • Gingerbread popups
  • Gingerbread notification icons
  • Transparent widgets
  • Widgets for power control
  • New Android Market
  • New spinners, amongst others.

That pretty much sums up the entire Gingerbread UI experience, so if you can’t wait till an official release for your device, you can grab the theme now from the link given below. There is also a small mod available that allow you to change the launcher’s default right icon to ‘Text’, and another one to revert it back to the default ‘Web’.

Head over to the theme’s HTC-Developers forum thread to contact the developer for updates, bug reports, feature requests and more screenshots. The theme has been built for and tested on HTC EVO 4G running Android 2.2 FroYo with HTC Sense, and may not work on other phones or EVO with a custom ROM that does not have HTC Sense.

Download Burnt Gingerbread Sense Theme for HTC Evo 4G

Download Mod to Change Right Launcher Icon to Text

Download Mod to Change Right Launcher Icon to Web (default)

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