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Buy/ Sell Items To People Near Your Current Location With Zaarly [iOS]

Gone are the days when people were hesitant to shop online, as eBay has revolutionized the whole concept of online shopping, and there are many other well-reputed retailers on the web that serve the same purpose. There is still room for improvement in this field though, and Zaarly is an iPhone app which brings something new to this arena. Using the app, you can buy and sell any item, and that, too, with people near your current location. This means that no online transaction is involved, and you can go and negotiate a deal with the potential buyer/seller face-to-face. Zaarly for iOS has predefined categories for a lot of items and services, and it is easy to post your abilities or services so that any other user can contact you. Read on to learn more about this refreshingly useful app.

Zaarly Profile Zaarly Categories

To demonstrate the whole concept of Zaarly, the app starts up with a graphical demo of its working and features. You can probably buy a lot of gadgets and other stuff online on popular sites like Newegg, eBay and OLX, but what if you feel like having a bowl of mint flavored ice-cream and can’t find it anywhere in your vicinity, or if you are looking to hire someone to plan your party? Now, as they say, there is an app for that, and using Zaarly, you can do all that. Before you start using the app, however, you will have to create a new account. You can skip this step if you choose to login using your Facebook credentials. In both cases, once the signup procedure is complete, you have to setup your app profile, and include your bio, city name, the name of the place you work and other similar data. To start surfing the items on offer at Zaarly, go to the main page and then navigate to the Request section. You will find that there are many categories here, and you can look into each category to ask for the exact thing or service you want. It is also possible to create a custom request to be published to the app.

Zaarly Request Zaarly Wanted

If you want to advertise your own skills or items, go to the Provide section and create a new ad, and Zaarly will notify you whenever there is a suitable offer. You can choose the location range within which you are willing to trade, as well as the minimum asking price. Offers can be edited any time you want.

Zaarly is available for free, and provides a wonderful opportunity for people looking to do some business without getting into too many cyber complications. The download link is given below.

Download Zaarly

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