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Calendar Silencer: Sync Calendar Events & Schedule Sound Profiles For Each

Looking for a task management app that automatically syncs events from multiple calendars and puts your device into silent/ringer mode for selective scheduled events? Developed by XDA Developer’s member Swarly, Calendar Silencer is an Android app that might put an end to your search. Apart from serving said purpose effectively, the app provides its users with an option to create, edit and schedule custom events, exclude syncing/scheduling events from calendar that contain specific keywords and manually enable/disable silent mode for specific events.


Calendar Silencer is an effective solution for Android users (including teachers, students, doctors, business persons and all) who often tend to forget silencing their devices while engaging in an important activity/event. You can rely on the app to automatically switch back to ringer mode once the scheduled event is over.

The app’s interface is split into three screens: the homescreen, the Events list screen and the Filters list screen. While the choose contact and Auto schedule buttons on the homescreen are accessible only in the purchased version of Calendar Silencer. The Add quick entry button on the same screen lets you add/create events manually by providing the start/end date and time.


From the Settings button, you can choose your calendars, the preferred silent mode (with/without vibration) and the time to sync calendars. Also, from this screen, you can toggle the app’s notifications for scheduled events.

To head over to the Events list screen, tap the right arrow in the top-right corner of the homescreen. The events list contains all your synced as well as custom created events. To manually sync events from calendars, tap Menu > Update from Calendar. From within the same section, you can schedule, delete and create keyword-based filters for each listed event. To schedule multiple events at once, tap Menu > schedule events and select the preferred events from the list.

The third (and last) screen contains the list of filters that you have specified for your events. The free version of Calendar Silencer is only restricted to adding keywords/filters for events which you do not wish to import from calendars.

Through status bar notifications, you can easily stay aware of the upcoming events for which the app would automatically switch your device to silent mode. To cancel auto silencing for an event, drag down the status bar and simply tap on its notification.


Calendar Silencer can be upgraded to full version from within the app to avail additional features such as auto-starting the app’s background service on boot, picking the refresh interval for specific calendars, creating exception filters for receiving calls/texts of specific contacts with ringer (sound) while the app is in silent mode and automatic scheduling of calendar events that contain a specified keyword. To purchase the app, navigate to the Buy app option by tapping the Settings button from the homescreen.

Download Calendar Silencer for Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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