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CamSpeed: Test Focus & Shutter Speed Of Your Android Or WP7 Device’s Camera

Easily one of the best camera benchmarks for Android and WP7 out there today, CamSpeed is not your average benchmark app highlighting the time it takes from pressing the shutter button to capturing an image. The apps measures variables such as Focus Time, Shutter Time and JPEG available. With mobile phone cameras catching up fast with digital cameras, with the pixels per shot and quality of sensors increasing year by year, the competition between the phones is heating up as well, and it always helps to try and roughly figure out how fast the camera on a device is. Comparisons are always fun; benchmarks, even more. And where most users gauge cameras by their results alone, others might want to take comparisons a step further, which is where CamSpeed comes in handy.

I talked about a few variables earlier on, so incase you didn’t quite get what those variables were, focus time, as its name suggests, is the time it takes for a phone to focus on the object or scene that the camera is pointed at. Capture or shutter time is the time from the tapping of the capture button to the moment the image has been captured. Capture Image or JPEG available is the time from capture to the moment when the resulting photo is available (saved to local storage).

CamSpeed Android CamSpeed Android

The app is quite simple to use. Once you start it up, simply hit the Start Test button to capture an image and thereby get your benchmark result. Do note that the benchmark results will vary according to object distance to lighting conditions. If you want multiple results, simply hit the Test x10 button to initiate 10 quick tests. The results will be published online as well if you allow the app to do so, but more importantly, you can see how your own results will be displayed once the benchmark is complete.

Lumia CamSpeed-2 Lumia CamSpeed

Additionally, you can set the resolution along with whether to enable or disable focus during the benchmark, in the settings menu. We tested the app on a Galaxy S II and the Nokia Lumia. The results are shown in the screenshots above.
CamSpeed Android

Download CamSpeed for Android

Download CamSpeed for WP7


  1. About tested variables:
    StartTime or Shuttertime:This varies a little on different hardware. On Wp7 devices you can’t measure actual shutter time(from button push to moment when image captured), but starttime = (button push to moment when started to capture image), so this may not always be the most comparable variable to look at if comparing results between wp7 and android devices.

    ImageTime is the most comparable measured variable, because that is on all devices from button push to the moment when actual JPEG/Image is available in memory and can be showed or saved (note, image is not saved to disk, so saving to disk time is not measured here yet, but maybe in the future).

    FocusTime is quite comparable too, if images taken from same object and from same distance 🙂

    In WP7-devices one extra variable is measured: Completed Time, which is from image button to the moment when hardware has totally finished the picture taking sequence and is ready to take next picture.

    Total time to take picture is FocusTime + ImageTime (might need to add that online result tables).

    Detailed result view can be found by tapping one result from the result list (that is where the result publishing to online is done in WP7 version).

    MeeGo version is coming soon too, and we might add some more measured variables in the future (like shot2shot, capture button to save etc.)

    Thanks for a nice article!

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