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Car Pooling Made Easy By Avego Driver For Windows Phone 7

There are some issues in the modern era that have become so entwined with our daily lives that there is no way to avoid them. For example, we depend on electricity almost as much as food. Mobile phones have become constant companions for many people. Similarly, cars are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. But there is a trade-off, as the number of cars increases, the condition and speed of the traffic on the roads will deteriorate. Besides, it is not possible for everyone to buy a car, and using public transportation can be tricky at times. The concept of car pool is quite an old one but for Windows Phone 7 users, it is brought to life by Avego Driver. This new and useful Mango app will do all the complex work for you, while you just sit back and wait for Avego to find the perfect car and car pool partners for you.

Avego Driver SelectAvego Driver Sign Up

Avego Driver lets you know what are your options if you want to join a car pool on regular basis. The app will collect your data and will compare it with other subscribers. If someone ready to car pool is available in the vicinity, then both you and the other person will be notified and you can start sharing a ride. If you are lucky enough, you might get multiple hits and the choice to pick the route that is closest to your intended destination. Avego Driver also splits the cost of the ride between the riders and driver.

Avego Driver Setup 1Avego Driver Setup 2Avego Driver Setup 3

To get started with Avego Driver, you will have to setup an account on the app’s official website. This requires the following steps:

  1. Fill out your information form. This asks for basic information like name, gender, e-mail etc. for keeping a record of the users and finding a compatible match for the ride.
  2. You can add multiple routes in the next step. Just tap “Add New Place” and define any route of your choice no matter where you are living.
  3. Once you have specified your route, choose the timings that you will need to use it.
  4. And lastly, you are asked whether you are a rider or a driver.

Now head over to the app and select the route you just chose. Hit “Find Riders” and whichever users are compatible with your requirements will be referred to you.

Avego Driver is a free app and is platform-independent.

Download Avego Driver

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