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Cardcloud: Create & Share Business Cards From Android On The Go

Cardcloud is a cross-platform virtual business card creating and sharing app for smartphones/mobile phones. The app serves the purpose of letting users create/share personalized business cards through their mobile devices. In this way, you can share selective contact information with specific recipients. With Cardcloud, you can share your business cards via email or with nearby users (requires GPS). In addition, the app stores all your Cardcloud contacts (recipients) and activities to remind you of whom you shared your cards with and why. Initially available as an iOS-only app, Cardcloud has eventually made its way into the Android Market.


To start using Cardcloud, you must login with a valid Cardcloud account. In case you do not already have an account, you can easily setup one from the app’s welcome screen. You can also opt to automatically fill in all the required information for your very first business card by selecting your existing phone contact. For this, just tap on Load from contacts button on the Create a card screen and select your contact profile.


The app sports a sleek and stylish interface and presents you with all its features through various tabs. My Cards tab contains all the business cards that you’ve created with the app.

To create a new business card, tap on the plus (+) sign on the top-right of the screen. On the New card screen, feed in all the information that you wish to include in your business card such as your name, company, designation, profile picture, address, contact number, email info, website and social networking profile etc. If required, you can add multiple entries to various fields. Once done with creating the card, just tap Save.

You can tap on a card to view/edit its details and swipe left/right on your screen to switch between various cards. To delete a card, select Edit > Delete.

From the Contacts tab, you can view all your contacts with whom you’ve shared your cards. You have the choice of sharing your cards through email or you can select the Beam card to option to locate other Cardcloud users near your location. Once you’ve selected your recipients, just tap Send.


The best part about sharing business cards via Cardcloud is that your contacts can easily receive cards even if they do not have the app installed on their device. All shared cards not only carry your contact information but they also inform the recipient of the location (on a map) where the meeting/sharing took place. To view all your Cardcloud activities, tap on the Activity tab. Tapping the More tab reveals your Cardcloud stats such as new contacts for that particular day, total cards shared and the total number of contacts.

In short, Cardcloud is a quick and convenient way of storing and sharing multiple customized business cards through your device.

Download Cardcloud for Android

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