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ChaCha For Android Now Supports Real-Time Q&A, Ratings & Push Notifications

Smartphone apps and online web services based on the concept of crowdsourcing data and information are slowly, but surely starting to make an impact around the globe. Whether it’s collecting weather information from various parts of the world, extracting general public response about a recent global event, or an attempt to find feasible solutions to any problematic facet of life, you’re highly likely to find a reliable app/service that can provide answers to your queries. ChaCha is one such web service. It’s been quite a while since ChaCha has had its official Android and iOS clients available on the Android Market and iTunes App Store respectively. However, it’s the Android variant of the app that has recently been updated with a plethora of new and useful features, such as real-time streaming of Q&A and trending topics, supplementing answers with star-ratings, location-based Q&A, SMS alerts and push notifications for answers.


On the interface front, you now have a brand new navigation menu that helps exploring the app in a much more convenient manner. There is a new Menu/More icon (with three horizontal lines) on the app’s homescreen which, when hit, reveals a left sidebar that houses various Q&A categories as well as your ChaCha profile and alert settings.

ChaCha-Android-Menu ChaCha-Android-Near-Me

Using this menu, you can either post a question of your own or pick from various categories to view existing queries. There is also an option within the app to list all the Recent or nearby (Near Me) questions. The Near Me feature requires GPS to be activated on your device.

Found a helpful answer? The app now provides you with a chance to add star ratings to mark the authenticity or usefulness of an answer. For this, all you need to do is tap the Rate icon below the provided answer, and pick your rating by hitting a star.

ChaCha-Android-Rate ChaCha-Android-Alerts

As mentioned earlier, the app now also supports push notifications and SMS alerts for all your questions, as they receive answers (requires login). This saves you from the hassle of manually checking the app for answers at frequent intervals.

If the Android client of this immensely handy online questioning and answering service was not able to impress you so far, it might just do it now with the new features that the update brings. If you already have ChaCha installed on your Android, you might have already received the update notification. If not, the link provided below awaits.

Download ChaCha for Android


  1. “It’s been quite a while since ChaCha has had its official Android and iOS clients available on the iTunes App Store and Android Market respectively.”
    You’ve got them noted non-respectively 🙂 How am I to find the Android app in iTunes App Store?

    Just a pointer. Keep up the good work! 🙂 Cheers!

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