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Change Android Dock Style With HeLauncher

A new home app for Android has made it’s way into the marketplace. The app called HeLauncher is an attempt by the developer to keep things simple and productive. Device manufacturers tend to customize the home app for their devices to give a different feel to the user while standing out from the competition. HeLauncher is an attempt to throw that notion by the manufacturers right out the window by bringing together the proprietary home apps from various manufactures under one roof for you to choose the preferred one on the go. However there are a few other custom docks for you to choose as well. If you want change, read on!

We took this app for a spin on a Motorola Milestone running Android 2.2 Froyo.

Now before we get into the details and features of this Application there are a few important things we noticed.

  • Firstly, the app drawer tends to lag when compared to the launchers it tries to replicate.
  • Secondly, when the developer said, simple, he really meant it, no real options other then the one to choose from the various styles.


  • 5 scrollable screens.
  • You can drop an icon into the remove box.
  • The widgets are scrollable.
  • Widgets can be resized.
  • Screen indicators.
  • Nine custom styles

Yes, you read that right, 9 available styles. However we believe that only 4 styles are worth mentioning in this review. These 4 would be the proprietary styles that the manufacturers use, the styles we really want access to on our phones.

snap20110226_173225 snap20110226_173338 snap20110226_173352 snap20110226_173543

From the screenshots up there, you can see the app running, Gingerbread, Froyo, HTC Sense and Espresso. The replication of these styles does deserve commendation but people might just fall short of doing that in light of the lag that you’ll come across when you access the app drawer.

snap20110226_173243 snap20110226_173300 snap20110226_173612 snap20110226_173232

You can choose your styles through a gallery as shown above. Swipe right or left to surf through the styles available to you.



There are a lot of other impressive and feature rich home apps out there that could easily steamroll over this app. But then again, simplicity is a love hate dilemma for some and to add to that, this is the first app of its kind that attempts to bring together proprietary home styles under one roof onto your phone. If only the app drawer was more responsive! Hopefully updates might follow and improvements will be made. If so, we will update this review as needed. For now, I guess you’re as confused about using this app as we are about removing it. Let us know know how this app turned out for you.

Download HeLauncher 

Update: It’s such a shame that HeLauncher, like so many other cool apps, has been pulled from the Google Play Store. However, that’s not the end of the road by any means; you can take a look at our comprehensive compilation of top Android launchers to see if there’s something of your interest in there.

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