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Changelog Droid – Updated Changelogs For All Your Android Apps In One Place

Most apps that you’ve installed on your Android device keep updating at frequent interval, however, keeping a close tab on the details of these updates isn’t the easiest of the tasks.  Changelog Droid is a free (ad-supported) tool for Android users who like to stay updated and informed of all the modifications made to their favorite apps off-late. By checking out recent changelogs of all the installed apps on your device in one place, you can save yourself from the hassle of wandering around in the Android Market, collecting updated information of apps individually. Instead, Changelog Droid fetches all the important information for you from the Market and displays recent changes to apps in a categorical way including version updates, bug fixes, newly added features, release date and more.

Changelog Droid displays all the installed apps in one list along with the respective dates on which they were last updated. Any changes made to a particular app are displayed alongside with its version info. Remember, Changelog Droid is not meant to notify you of available updates of apps on the Market. It is only meant to inform you about the recently made changes to the installed apps on your device.

Apart from informing you of all the latest updates of your apps, Changelog Droid also provides easy means to seacrh for launch a particular app, view information of an app and reload fresh information on app updates (if any). In case you cannot find changelog  present with a specific application, you can always head on to the Market by tapping on the app title and hitting the Market button to check out whether any relevant updates have been launched recently. Only a limited number of apps are displayed on the list initially. More apps are added to the list as you scroll down.

The app can also be customized as per user convenience. You can specify the minimum number of apps that should be displayed on the list. Also, you can set the number of days before Changelog Droid eliminates a particular app from the list if no updates are available for it. Apart from this, notifications upon installation/update of any app can be enabled/disabled. Users can also opt to hide system-relevant apps on the list. All in all, Changelog Droid is a handy little app for users so that they can stay aware of all the updates and features that their favorite apps have to offer.

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