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Channel-Based Video Aggregating App Plizy Released For Android Tablets

Plizy is a slick and stylish category-based online video aggregating service optimized specifically for Android and iOS-powered tablets. Using the app, you can create a personalized channel list to enjoy high quality videos from a slew of featured video categories, as well as from various social media and video sharing services, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google etc. Ranging from comedy channels to the ones based solely on music, Plizy has you covered quite nicely. The app sports a neat and uncluttered interface that lets you explore only the preferred video content from virtually any facet of life.

Just pick a handful of favorite channels, and enjoy a seamless playback of favorite videos on your tablet. The app also sports a plethora of sharing and bookmarking tools to help you easily filter out and access the best content in just a few taps. Plizy is available to Android 3.1 and above Honeycomb users, with all its nifty features.


Plizy is a welcome addition to the list of online video and social media aggregators for Android that already include the likes of Fuugo Video and other similar apps. However, when it comes to combining fluent and intuitive design with ample customizability, Plizy certainly has a definite edge over its counterparts.


In order to use the app, you must log in using a valid Plizy or Facebook account. Once past that, you’re taken to the app’s channel selection screen, where you can start picking your preferred channels. Tapping the Add button besides a channel displays it on the app’s homescreen under its relevant category. Each added channel is supplemented with all the recent content from the source. Videos related to a particular channel are displayed on a packed Mosaic as thumbnails. Tapping a channel starts playing the latest video from the library.


All other videos from the library are arranged horizontally on a scrollable list at the bottom of the screen. To launch the entire catalog of videos from that particular channel, tap the Mosaic button. The On-Air tag displayed on a thumbnail indicates the channel and video that is currently being played.


While watching a video, you can use various onscreen controls to jump to a particular channel, go back to the app’s homescreen, switch between videos, share the channel, and add it to the favorites list. Once you select a video, it automatically begins playing in full screen. In addition to all aforementioned controls, the app’s video player interface also sports a handful of playback controls and a slider that helps you quickly jump to a specific part of the video.

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