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ChannelCaster: A News Reader/Social Media App Mashup For Android & iOS

OneLouder Apps – developers of TweetCaster, FriendCaster and SportCaster are back with a unique channel-based RSS feed reader concept called ChannelCaster. ChannelCaster is a brand new way of discovering and exploring all your favorite news, RSS feeds, videos (with YouTube support), images, weather, stock and horoscopes etc. with comprehensive social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more). The app amalgamates infotainment with social media and lets you group your sources of information into separate channels and view channels created byother users from all across the globe. Surprisingly, ChannelCaster is available only to Android users as of now and there seems to be no information regarding the release of its iOS variant.


With ChannelCaster, you get a chance to explore the hundreds of information-packed channels from all across the globe, whether they’re coming from popular sources (such as popular news networks or musical bands) or whether they’re being shared by other users in the ChannelCaster community. You can view worldwide channels and create/share your own channels using only the content which you wish to see. Unlike your usual RSS feed readers, ChannelCaster provides you content through the aforementioned channels and an interactive ticker. Just launch the app to explore an unending world of fun, entertainment and information; all presented through an elegant and content-packed UI.


The app opens to the Favorites screen with all the hot-running channels displayed in colored tiles.Tap on a channel of interest to explore it in detail. Swiping left/right on the screen shifts channels. Same can be done to switch between stories/articles within a channel.

While checking a particular story, you can tap on the ‘double A’ button to select between day/night reading mode and large/small font size. You can share a story with your friends, save it for offline viewing, copy its link or view it on the web through app’s native browser.

Once you login with your Facebook/Twitter account, even your Wall/Timeline can be accessed as a typical ChannelCaster channel through a dedicated button on the Favorites screen. To add a channel to your favorites list, simply tap the star icon on the top-right of channel screen. Saved stories can be accessed by tapping on the Saved button on the Favorites screen. Can’t find a channel/content of your liking? Hit the search button from the app’s homescreen (or tap Menu > Search) and feed in the exact keyword to filter required content or an entire channel.


Tap on the Browse tab to look through ChannelCaster categories. You can create your own channel under a selected category by tapping the Build Channel button.

Apart from bringing you updated content from various sources, each channel also displays weather, horoscopes, stock market information on a customizable ticker. You can add multiple locations to view their current and 7-day weather forecast along with radar and alerts. Swipe left/right across screen to switch locations. Similarly, you can find detailed horoscope information for your desired Zodiac sign and learn about upcoming celebrity birthdays. The Stocks segment supports Dow Jones and S&P 500 Index by default, with an option to manually add more. To show/hide the ticker, tap Menu > Show/Hide Ticker.


Still not impressed? Want to build your own channel from scratch? Tap on the Build tab on the app’s homescreen and select the big plus (+) button. Alternatively, you can also tap Menu > Build Channel to launch the Build Channel Screen.  On this screen, feed in a desired channel name and select an appropriate ChannelCaster category. You can also add a brief description along with your channel and decide whether to keep it public or private.

For each channel you create, you can beef it up with updated content form various online sources by tapping the Add Sources button. For instance, if you’ve decided to create a channel on ‘cricket’ under the sports category, you can hit said button to find relevant content from worldwide news, videos, pictures, RSS feeds and even tweets. Just specify the exact keyword (in this case, cricket) in the search bar and select a relevant source by tapping on its button. Once you found the desired content, just select to add it to your channel. Select as many sources as you like, tap the Add button on top-right of the screen, provide all the required information for your channel and eventually tap on the Build button. Congrats! You’ve successfully created your own channel. Let your friends know about your newly created channel by sharing the news via email, Facebook and/or Twitter. Finally, tap on Done to launch your channel.


That’s not all. ChannelCaster comes with support for multiple profiles and lets you easily shift between them. Just tap on the ‘profile’ icon on the app’s homescreen to create, edit and shift between profiles. You can log in with your Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper accounts from the same screen. Impressive, isn’t it?

Download ChannelCaster for Android

Update: ChannelCaster is now available on for iOS as well. iTunes App Store link has been added below.

Download ChannelCaster for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


  1. Lol, Dutch House Mix? 😛 Really does have customizable look into RSS feeds, but I’m still not really convinced. Does it sport custom filters to keep out specific posts/articles?

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