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Chat & Share Media With Friends via The Official Palringo App For WP7

Palringo is a well-known name when it comes to cross-platform messengers, but until now, Windows Phone 7 lacked an official client for the popular chat service. Not anymore, as recently Palringo released a Mango version of their service, and despite being in open beta phase for now, the app is pretty smooth. Using Palringo for WP7, you can stay connected with your friends, no matter on which platform they are, as Palringo has clients for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and almost any JAVA-enabled platform you can possibly think of (we have covered other Palringo versions in detail previously). Not only can you chat with your friends using Palringo, but the app also lets you import contacts from various other services like Facebook, GTalk, Windows Live, Yahoo, etc.

Palringo WP7 Home Palringo WP7 Contacts Palringo WP7 Groups

A very common mistake which people trying to use Palringo have made so far, is trying to login from the first screen which shows up on launching the app. That login area is, actually, for existing Palringo users, and you will need to create a new account before being able to use the app. To do that, just go to the Register section by swiping to the right. The app will ask for your email address, a new Palringo password and other similar particulars, and after that, you are good to go. Keep in mind though that Palringo for WP7 is in beta, and only supports English as a primary language. If you already have friends on Palringo, the app will import them automatically to your contacts list. If they are on some other account, tap the add contact button in the bottom menu, and then choose the service from which you want to import your contacts. Palringo also has support for Groups, and you can categorize your contacts in any way you want.

Palringo WP7 Chat Palringo WP7 Media

The chat menu in Palringo for WP7 is pretty distraction-free, but there are no missing features. You can load the chat history by tapping the button at the top of the window. Emoticons are supported, and you can record voice clips from within the app and share them with your friends straightway. The same holds true for photos, which can be loaded from the Pictures hub, or snapped right from the camera of your device. In both cases, the user at the other end will receive a link to the item which has been sent.

Being in its beta phase, Palringo is available for free, and you can grab it by going to the web Marketplace link below.

Download Palringo

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