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ChatOn Is Samsung’s Official Cross-Platform Messenger App For iPhone

iMessage hopes to oust all other iOS messengers, but like most other fields, Samsung is not going to give up that easy. This is evident from the latest release by Samsung, called ChatOn. Samsung’s “response” to iMessage on Android has made its way to iOS platform as well, despite the legal battles that both tech giants fight against each other. This app, like any good iPhone messenger, comes with a lot of options, and using it, you can stay in touch with your friends even on iOS’ arch-nemesis, Android, with utmost ease.

ChatOn iOS ChatOn Buddies

The biggest advantage ChatOn has over iMessage is its being cross-platform. The app was released for Android a few months back, and has already amassed a fair amount of users. This makes ChatOn a really useful service. Like its version on other platforms, you need to provide ChatOn with your phone number in order to sign up. If you already have an account on some other version, simply use your credentials from there to use the app; otherwise, create a new account. To sign up, choose a username, create a new password and provide the app with your real contact number. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone via SMS, and you have to enter the code to proceed. Alternatively, you can go to www.ChatON.com for confirmation. Once you have logged in, the app will scan the contacts in your device, and the ones who are already on ChatOn will be displayed in your Buddies list. Even if some person is not in the list, you can invite them to ChatOn as well.

ChatOn Chat ChatOn Settings

To start a chat, just tap a buddy’s name, and even if he or she is offline you can commence sending offline messages to them. To view a person’s profile, tap the arrow next to their name, and go to the Chat profile menu. If you want to set up your own profile, go to the My page menu, and from there, you can start customizing your personal information any way you want. For carrying out group conversations, the app has an option named Invite buddies. Being a messenger, ChatOn has a pretty nice range of emoticons. As chat attachments, you can send a lot of stuff, including media files, links or even your current location. To change the app’s skin, font size, or just about any other area, you can go to the Settings menu.

ChatOn is a free app, but to be honest, there are a lot of apps which will do just the same things ChatOn does, so it’s a matter of choice whether you want to switch to ChatOn or not.

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