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Check Specifications Of Any Phone / Tablet With K-Adroit For Android

Want to know what set of features LG Optimus Net has in store for you? Or are you interested in checking local classified ads for mobiles/tablets on your Android? Maybe XDA-Developers member K-Zero can help. Essentially an online encyclopedia for mobile phones/tablets, K-Adroit is an Android app that provides you comprehensive information and detailed specifications for almost any mobile phone or tablet – whether released or unreleased – right on your device.  K-Adroit gathers all the information pertaining to the phone/tablet of your choice from popular online sources such as GSM Arena, Wikipedia, Moshtry.com, SoftPedia and IP2Nation. The app also allows advanced filtered search for devices and provides you with an option of purchasing/selling devices in your region through online classified ads.

If you frequently need to check specs of a recently announced phone/tablet of your favorite brand, then K-Adroit could be the ideal platform for you. Instead of reverting to the web interface of aforementioned services, you can easily check in-depth device information on your own Android. All you need is the K-Adroit app and an internet connection. Once installed, the app opens to a list of Latest Devices that include newly released and upcoming phones and tablets. You can also browse for devices according to specified brand name from the Browse tab. Classified tab takes you to the local online classified ads where you can view/buy for-sale devices, sell your own device and check out your advertisements. Interested in an offer? The app allows you to call/text the provided number of the device owner to finalize a deal.

You can opt for real-time online search as well as custom-search for any device of your liking by providing exact device name or by searching for devices by applying various filters such as brand name, network type, display resolution, CPU, WiFi and GPS etc. Once you find the phone/tablet you’re looking for, you can explore its features from the Browse tab within the app.

Detailed specifications for selected device along with key information and device images. As of this writing, the app supports just a couple of languages: English and Arabic. All in all, K-Adroit is the ideal answer to your mobile/tablet-related queries as it brings all the sought-after and updated device information right on your device. K-Adroit is available in the Android Market free of cost and should work on most Android devices.

Download K-Adroit for Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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