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Check The Exact Battery Level (As Percentage) On Your Samsung WP7

If you are travelling or are going to be away from a charging inlet for a while, then each minute of battery life becomes important. This problem has become even more crucial with the advent of smartphones, as they consume way too much battery as compared to older feature phones. Although the Windows Phone 7 battery indicator provides you with a rough estimate as to how much of the juice is left in your device, it can be misleading at times and a user can easily misjudge the time remaining before your phone turns off. However if you are a Samsung user, there is a simple solution to this. And that solution is the use of Diagnostic mode. Want to learn how to do this? Just read on.

Diagnostic mode provides us with some really cool functionality and is a helpful tool. Being able to view the remaining battery percentage of your Windows Phone through it is a really small part of this useful menu. So, how exactly do you extract the battery percentage of your phone using a few simple commands? Here are the steps you need to follow to access diagnosis menu and from there view your remaining battery life.

Diagnostic MenuBattery Percentage Mode


  1. Go to your phone’s dialer and dial ##634#. This opens the Diagnosis menu, which is another dialer-like screen.
  2. In the recently opened screen, enter *#2*#. Now you will see a new menu.
  3. In the new menu navigate to the very bottom and the remaining battery life will be visible.

A simple method to perform a simple task. You can even add the whole key sequence as a contact in your contacts list and thus the battery percentage will be accessible with one touch.

[Source: Mobility Minded]

Update: This post was written before the release of the Mango update for Windows Phone devices. Thankfully, Microsoft took care of the issue addressed in this guide, and now you don’t have to do anything in order to view the battery percentage of your Mango phone. You don’t even need an unlocked phone, or access to the diagnostics menu. Battery percentage can now be viewed in WP7 simply by heading to the Settings hub. Within Settings, there is the Battery Saver mode button. While the actual purpose of the battery saver is a bit different, it still shows the battery percentage of your phone. So, instead of putting in a diagnostic code each time, you can do the same task simply by going to battery saver menu.

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