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Cinemagram For iPhone: Create & Share Half-Video Half-Photo Animations

Meet Cinemagram for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a simple, fun app that combines the pattern of Instagram with a unique and interesting concept. The app lets users create cinemagraphs – images that are part animated and part still photo, apply gorgeous filters to them and share them with each other. The process of creating animations (or ‘cinemagrams’) involves capturing a video and marking an area within it that you want to have animated. This produces amazing results wherein the marked area keeps repeating a part of the captured video, while the rest of the image remains still.

Cinemagram Popular Tab Cinemagram Latest Tab

The app isn’t just fun to use, it’s good to look at too, courtesy of a neat, elegant interface. The whole process of creating animations is as simple as it sounds and takes no more than a few seconds. As mentioned earlier, you start by shooting a short video clip using your device’s camera. Next, you select the few seconds in the video that you want to include in the animation, then paint over the video to mask the area that you want animated. After you’re done with your selection, you can apply one of the few available filters to the entire animation. Hit Next, and wait a few seconds for the animation to be processed, after which you can choose to upload the result to Cinemagram’s own network, Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media.

How good a result looks depends more on the idea behind it than on the finesse with which you draw the mask on the video. There are countless ways one can be creative with this. For instance, you could create a video of yourself looking into a mirror and waving your hand. Masking the area within the mirror will create an awesome animation showing an inanimate you staring at the mirror while your reflection waves back at you.

For further ideas, you can always look through the  latest or most popular cinemagrams created by other users.

Cinemagram Step1 Cinemagram Step2

Another great feature of Cinemagram is that you don’t have to log in to it to like or comment on other users’ animations, or even to create and upload your own. You can enjoy the app while staying completely anonymous, and use it only to share animations on your existing social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter).

Though, if you do fill in all the fields within the You tab, you will be able to log in to Cinemagram’s website to check out all that you’ve uploaded so far from your computer.

Cinemagram Step3 Cinemagram Finished Design

Cinemagram redefines creation and sharing of animations, and for that, it definitely deserves a spot on your iDevice, especially if you have a knack of being creative with photos. You can grab the app for free from the iTunes App Store via the link provided below.

Download Cinemagram For iOS

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